What to do When You are Away from Your Kids? Karoo!

By October 2, 2012Tech

It isn’t easy to be away from your children. Even if you are laying on a beach with a cocktail in hand, someone else is with your kids and it’s impossible to go for any length of time without wondering how they are. Whether we are at work or on a date or simply taking an afternoon to run errands while a sitter is with our kids, there are many times when we are away and would love to know what our kids are up to.

It’s not just you who misses your kids either. What about grandparents or cousins or your partner? There are lots of people who care about your kids and would love to see an update now and then. I’ve got just the thing for you!


There is a new FREE  iPhone / iPad app from Care.com called Karoo that allows you or your caregiver to capture and share special moments, updates on homework, milestones and so much more in text, pictures and even video! With Karoo you can keep in touch with what your kids are up to and keep up with what your sitter is up to while keeping your family in the loop.  And, it is all private.  You choose who to add and you can remove anyone at any time.

How to Start Karoo?

Karoo Add PeopleIt’s pretty simple.  You just download the Karoo App from the iTunes store.

I set up my family first in my Profile and Settings.  You can add a picture and any details you want people you give access to your timeline to see.

Then click on the little plus sign to add people.  I added family by using their email address to invite them to our timeline.  This is the same way I would add a babysitter or nanny.

For every person you can choose whether they can post to timeline, edit timeline or share milestones.  You just click on the little gear nest to their name.

It is super simple to set up and the people at Care.com assured me that all of our data is absolutely safe and secure.  That’s always a great feeling.

How to Share with Karoo

Karoo Milestone

When you or the sitter or anyone who is with your kids wants to share it is super simple!  You can share in just moments by clicking on the plus sign and typing in what’s happening!

My favorite thing to do is click on the photo / video button and take a cool short video of the kids saying hi or talking about what they are doing.  They still aren’t great on the phone but hey love to talk to the video!

Not only is this fabulous for sharing with family but how much would you love to get a quick little video of your kids in the middle of a work day saying they love you!  Priceless.

 Okay, so I also use it to make the hubs know how hard I work.  Terrible temper fit?  Simple upload and I share it with him.  Sometimes 3 kids aren’t easy!

You can add tons of labels for special events or milestones.  You can also use it to keep track of activities and actions.

I think I would have loved this feature when leaving my infants with a caregiver to rest assured that my baby was eating or napping.  It’s the little things!

Karoo is as Private as You Want it to Be!

I know we all want to share our kids with our families all the time.  I mean, the grandparents should care about loose teeth and little fevers and every masterpiece that comes home from school.  Maybe all your Facebook friends don’t need quite as much info on your kids.  But, there are some things you want everyone to know.

Yesterday we were playing with a Crayola 3D Color Explosion pad and LOVING it.  I was so going to share the awesomeness on Facebook and twitter until I realized that the color would not come off our hands.  Or Miles’ legs.  At all.  It is more than 24 hours and multiple washings later and it is still on.  Well that it totally funny timeline fodder for my family and a must know for all my friends on Facebook.  No one wants that blue on their couch, let me tell you!  With Karoo I simply choose to share on Facebook and it goes to my timeline.  Easy peasy.  Now you can decide what to share and what to keep private.

Karoo to Facebook

Now I know you want to go and grab Karoo for your iPhone.  It’s free so there’s no reason not to try it out!  Karoo has big plans for the future including support for other smart phone platforms and even the ability to email updates.  Also, there is a web application if the grandparents don’t play with smart phones and have a computer. I will admit until it is available for other platforms there are a few people in my family who can’t get on Karoo and that makes me a sad panda but I’m just hopeful it will be there for them too!

Karoo is the brilliant creation of Care.com, an organization that simply rocks in finding incredible childcare.  I seriously get at least a dozen matches and emails from sitters every time I post a job.  It is awesome.  Right now you can use this code KAROO20 for 20% of their premium membership through the end of October, 10/31.  Ooh that just rocks!

So, will you Karoo?

Disclosure: This post was inspired by my participation in a compensated program initiated by Women Online/TheMission List. All commentary and opinions are, of course, my own.  My love for keeping a digital and shared timeline for all of my kids is all kinds of obvious, right?

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