What Is Your Greatest Wish?

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Standing on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom with my family watching the spectacular “Wishes” fireworks display, I thought of a million things that I could wish for. A million things I do wish for. Some things are wishes for me, some for my family and some for my children. I have so many dreams for our lives.

Disney World Wishes Rainbow

The whole show is about wishes, dreams and emotions.  It is a story about the triumph of good over evil.  It reminded me of my own childhood.  I experienced a memory rush of thousands of wishes I have had throughout my life.  Many have come true.  Some were pipe dreams.  I am not actually a princess, for instance.  I am not an actress on Broadway, although I suppose this is still within the realm of the possible.  I was impacted as much by the moving script on wishing as I was by the splendor of the lights above Cinderella’s castle. I was moved to tears as I listened to wishes from Pinocchio to princesses and gazed at the awestruck faces of my own children tinted with the colors of the sky.

Disney World Wishes Swirlies

It was incredible to reflect for a moment, in that beautiful place, on all my dreams and think that my children are just starting their journey.  They have their whole lives in front of them.  All of their dreams are possible.  They can be anything.  The “Wishes” song playing while we watched the finale moved me.

Ohh, a world of wishes, A world where dreams come true. So make a wish, see it through. Dare to do what dreamers do.

We’re all just children, Reaching for our dreams. They’re shining high above us, And even though it seems so far, We put our faith and hope on a shooting star.

Wishes…Dream a dream. Wishes…Set it free. Wishes… Trust your heart. Just believe.

As I watched the shooting stars, I believed.

Disney World Wishes Shooting Stars

As we sat on the bus on our way back to the hotel, I held a sleeping Violet in my arms.  Sophia fell asleep in her Daddy’s lap while Miles talked to him about the awesome fireworks.

Me?  I closed my eyes and wondered…What is my greatest wish?  It is certainly not for a bigger house or more money or great vacations or an iPad, although I have wished for all of those things.  My greatest wish is not even for my children’s education or their future careers, though I wish them all the success in the world.

More than anything, my greatest wish is for love to fill our lives.  I want my kids to know how much they are loved and I wish for their lives to be full of love.  With love in our lives we can do anything.  Love brings happiness and acceptance.  With love in the world comes peace.  I believe that love really can be the driving force in a positive life.  When I think of love I smile and my heart swells.  When I think of my children I think of love.  When I think of the world I think of what good love can do.  So, my greatest wish is for us all to be filled with love.  To live our lives filled with it and to give love freely and fully as we go about our daily business.  Yes, we may open ourselves up and become vulnerable but being open will allow us to let love in and live a more fulfilled life.

Disney World Wishes Poof

Some may think I am silly, but I take love seriously.  It is not easy to love.  Love is good and hard.  It is worth the work.

So I wish upon a star for love.  For me, for you, for our children, I wish a life and a world filled with love.

That would be truly spectacular.

Disney World Wishes Orange

So tell me, what is your greatest wish?  And hey, throw in something you would just really like to have too.  Just for fun!

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