What Can a Princess Teach Us?

By July 25, 2012Disney

Every time I ask myself or my daughters who their favorite princess is the answer changes. I think depending on the mood we are in or the feeling we need to find, we choose differently.  I used to worry about Sophia wanting to be a princess because not everyone looks like those we see in the movies.  Now, I realize that the heroine princesses we watch and adore teach us lessons and give us joy.  I teach my kids about self-confidence and I tell my kids that how we look does not define who we are.  This way we can embrace the princesses we love.

In no particular order…

What Princesses Can Teach Us

We love the fierce spirit that Rapunzel has.  And yes, the girls adore her hair.  Long, magic hair.  A spirit that cannot be crushed.  A longing to see the world.  A movie that makes me cry every.single.time.   She cuts that hair to save her love. We love us some Rapunzel.  That would be why we waited 90 minutes to meet her.  I never thought I would say this…it was worth it.

Rapunzel and the Girls

We love Belle for not being impressed by looks, but by character.  And we love that she has some of the best songs out there.   We also love the beast.  Even Violet.  She has met him twice!

We love Ariel because of her voice and her humor and her big dreams.  She really does go all the way for love, and that is something to be admired.

We love Mulan for her courage and her commitment to her family.

We love Snow White for her gentle spirit and her kindness towards all.

We love Merida for her strength and her commitment, but we do talk about her attitude.

We love Tiana for working her tail off to follow her dreams and for preserving her heritage. Also, she gets kudos for her admirable patience both with Naveen and her very spirited, very wealthy friend Charlotte.

We love Cinderella for always believing and again, for kindness in the face of true mean spirits.

We love Pocahontas for her commitment to her family and to the Earth and her open mindedness for people who are not like her.

We love Aurora for her fairy godmother’s really.  She is kind, but those chicks are fantastic.

Of course, there are other princesses out there, I just encourage you to look past their beauty to their guts and their brains and their hearts, as we hope our children will do.  Then we can find something that inspires us.

By the way, Miles does love princesses but he has a special thing for Tinkerbell, who he would say must be Royal if she has magic.  Clearly, Tinkerbell likes him too!  I love Tink and you know why…because she is handy like me! If I was a fairy, I would be a tinker.  Everyone knows that!

Miles and Tink

Now we can all feel good getting our princess on!  Tell me who your favorite princess is!

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