Happy Trails: The Land of Waterfalls in Brevard, NC

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I want to travel the world with my kids and see the great monuments, the architectural masterpieces, the art, the people and the natural wonders.   Lucky for me, there are so many waterfalls in NC that I can experience the wonders of nature with a quick car trip anytime we have a day.  North Carolina is home to hundreds of spectacular waterfalls and thousands of smaller beauties that make a day in the woods here a special occasion.  In fact, Brevard, NC has the largest concentration of waterfalls in North America.  And the best part is, most of them are a short hike and totally doable for beginner hikers and kids!

Come and Visit!

This is Triple Falls from the top.  When you walk about 1/4 mile up and then down more than 100 steps you can rest at the bottom.

Waterfalls in NC

If you have never considered a trip to the North Carolina mountains, reconsider.  They are spectacular.  Whatever your level of fitness or ability or height there is something for you!

The Wealth of Waterfalls in NC

I know, it sounds as cool as it is.  In 2 short hikes we saw numerous waterfalls, some big and some small, all amazing.

Like Last of the Mohicans Amazing.  The big guys Hooker Falls, Triple Falls and High Falls were all in the movie and yes, when you are there you can see why.  There are so many different kinds of waterfalls.  We only saw the first few of the big guys as we had to get back for a birthday party but we will be back.  The hikes range from just 1.4 mile to about 6 miles to see all of them walking.

Long and Wide

When you think of a waterfall, this is it.  Hooker falls is a bit stubby but the water comes down fast and thick.  There is no trickle here!

Hooker Falls

The Grotto

This is not actually a kind of waterfall, but they are distinct in that you can walk behind the water.  This would also be the case in the larger curtain waterfalls that have access to that area.

My kids and their friend learned what a grotto is.  My mind hoped this is the only kind they will ever see.  There are not many things more wonderful than standing under a waterfall, no matter how small!  This tiny fall is in Sherwood Forest in Brevard.  No Robin Hood sightings, but he would love this forest!

Grotto in NC Waterfall

The Cascade

This kind of fall has water flowing over an irregular surface, such as rocks.  This is the most common type of waterfall.

This is Fickle Trickle.  Ha!  Not so much of a trickle after almost 30 days of straight rain here in North Carolina!

NC Waterfall Fickle Trickle

We saw three falls in under a mile.  Seriously, it does not get much better than that on a morning walk in the woods!

NC Waterfall Brevard

The first fall I showed you, Triple Falls, is a cascade, seen from above.  You can hike up further and climb way down and see a whole different view. Triple falls is accessible from the same parking lot as Triple Falls.  Further up you would find High Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

Triple Falls Bottom

Of course one might need a snack before the end.  This is one of my favorite pictures just because.  My 3 year old Violet can walk about 3 miles but the girl demands her breaks.  With lopsided sunglasses and a graham cracker, she makes me laugh.

Steps to Triple Falls

There’s just something about waterfalls and bodies of water that makes me smile.

And ending the day on a beautiful lake, well, it was perfect. I was told on Instagram that this reminded someone of Norway.  Well, it’s on my list!  This is why I love Instagram!  Sharing the world in photos and conversations makes me very happy.

Boot Lake Brevard

Let me know if you ever planning a trip to the North Carolina mountains.  The Land of Waterfalls awaits you!

Tell me, what waterfalls must be added to my bucket list?

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All of the pictures in this post are taken in the Brevard area and DuPont National Forest on my iPhone5.  None of these walks were more than 1 mile on their own.  You can easily combine hikes and make a day of it if you want!  I love to post my travel photos and tips on Instagram and find travel information that way.  It’s a great way to build that bucket list once you stop drooling.  Just search the hashtag #waterfall to be amazed.  For this trip I used #brevard #waterfall #familytravel and #vandytravels.  I went back and added #IGTravelThursday to join this group.  So, if you search by hashtags you will find great tips and photos of places you are interested in visiting!

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