The Spectromagic Parade

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While the Spectromagic parade  at the Magic Kingdom did not start until an hour after bedtime (start time 9 p.m.) we love all things fancy and sparkly around here so we made sure to be there.  We did not regret it.  It was brilliant.  The kids did not miss bedtime at all.

The Lights Begin!

From the first floats we were mesmerized.  I felt a rush of anticipation as the parade officially began.  We sat right across the Liberty bridge and had perfect views of the parade..and seats at a table where Miles had his first taste of fried dough.  Is there anything better?

Introducing Spectromagic

After the introduction the parade of sparkling Disney characters began and my kids were swept away with the magic and excitement!  I did feel for those around us as Sophia and Miles screamed out the names of each character as they came by and my little girl squealed with glee at the “most beautiful stuff ever.”  The parade was priceless and my kids were loud but precious.  It was a night I will never forget.

Sophia Sees Mickey - The Parade Begins

Mickey was channeling Elvis in his snazzy getup. I loved it! The kids went crazy when they saw him!

Mickey the "King" of the Parade

It was perfect when we saw Merryweather as we told the kids the fairies were making the castle change colors before the show!

Some Blue Magic

We saw the Genie in all the parades both day and night.  It was a special treat because he was not in any of the character greetings.  He is a special favorite of Ross’.  I mean come on, Robin Williams rocked as Genie and Aladdin remains one of our favorite movies.

Make a Wish!

The characters kept coming and we loved every one but I especially liked Ariel and her villain, Ursula.

Ariel & Flounder

Ursula was HUGE!  And so cool looking!

Ursula Looms Large

Sophia kept asking about Cinderella and Minnie Mouse and she was not disappointed!  We saw Cinderella with Jaq and Gus in her carriage.

Cinderella in Her Bright Carriage

And as the parade drew to an end all of Mickey’s friends, including the Queen Minnie, made their way across the bridge.

Minnie Mouse in Lights

The Spectromagic parade made us all happy.  Very happy.  It was truly an enchanting experience and I would give it a not to be missed ranking in things to do at Disney World.  After the parade we hightailed it back to the monorail to catch the fireworks from afar at the Polynesian, where they play the fireworks music while you watch from the beach.  It was a perfect evening.

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