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By December 14, 2013At Home

As my almost 4 year old broke at least a half dozen ornaments in the last week since putting up our full size Christmas tree, I wondered why I did not continue our tabletop Christmas tree. I should have made it a tradition. Kids like to touch ornaments. Many ornaments are glass. Kids and very fragile things do not mix.

Three years ago I posted “A Baby Safe Christmas to All” and now I am bringing it back.  It’s not just for babies.  The tabletop Christmas tree is for people who have small spaces.  It also for people who want a tree to touch the ceiling for only $12.  Yes, that is what this tree cost.  I am SO doing this again next year in our dining room in addition to the tree in our living room.  It seems that as we accumulate kids we accumulate trees.  And now I have a need for a themed tree every year, because I need that, of course.

Tabletop Christmas Tree

We happen to have a large table in our living room already, but you could easily get one of the particle board circle tables from Target or Ballard Designs and throw a skirt over it.  This will also be great for cocktail parties, birthday patties and anything other occasion you just need an extra surface.

Without further ado. I give you a Baby Safe Christmas.

Tabletop Tree Perfection

There is no way in hell with 3 kids 4 and under we could put something (*edited to add with any child 3 or under or addicted to touching shiny things)

1.  Flammable

2.  Covered in glass and death by choking on ornament thingies

3.  Wrapped in electrical wires with a pool of water on the bottom on our floor .

If you can manage it, more power to you.  Also, please check your smoke alarm battery and bone up on the Heimlich maneuver.  Just in case.

Our tree is up off the ground at at only $12.00 reaches almost the full 10 feet of our ceiling.  I also had less light strands to battle with and fewer ornaments to find a place for.   Those light strands are my nemesis people.  My arms are all scratched up just from this!  Also, clever present storage underneath.  I am putting a table skirt on today and they will be fully hidden from the kiddos. (I never added the table skirt and it was still chic.)

This is a win for small spaces, small children and your sanity.  It also looks good.

If you have graduated to a medium tree but also want it to touch the ceiling and do not have fears of small children dying, please check out my friend Stephanie’s SUPER simple trick for making your Christmas tree look bigger. She’s got a trick that’s like high heels on a short gal.

Now go on and rock Christmas?  And of course, share any tips you have and any stories of your kids and the annual ornament massacre.  Good times people.  Good times.

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