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Long, name, amaaaazing results!  Presenting the Handy Dandy Vandy Packing List. I have a huge cheese ball bone.  Pardon the bad jokes and rhyming and alliteration around here.  I love printables and lists make me very happy.  When we travel, planning is key.  It feels so good to pack the right stuff and not forget the things you need.  Over packing or under packing can be a real bummer.  And hey ladies, studies have shown we have a tendency to over pack by 50%!  If you’re traveling by air or by car, too much stuff can be a hassle.  It can cost you money or make your car stuffed to the gills.

Check it out and head to the bottom of this post to download your awesome packing list.  Say hello to your new title, Packing Ninja!

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Packing List Outfit Planner

This free printable Handy Dandy Vandy Packing Packet includes both an outfit planner and a big ol’ packing checklist.  You check the weather, you enter your events and then you plan your outfits and accessories.  Having a little list is a big help when packing, especially for a big family or a trip with lots of days or events.

All together, you will get the full 4 page printable including the:

Outfit Planner

and checklists for

Other Clothing, Outerwear and Accessories


Travel Documents

Travel Accessories & Funds

Technology & Things with Batteries

Traveling for Work

Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Babies

Packing List

Enjoy and Happy Travels!

Click Here to Download the Packing Packet

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I’m not a big fan of requiring anything for you to download the packing list, but I do approve of asking nicely so I am asking.  It would mean a lot to me.  This is a new website for me after 5 years on my old site, and it takes social sharing to build a good reputation online.  Let me know if you want to link to this on your website.  I am totally happy for you to share this post with a link back to this site for the download.  You may not provide this as a download on your site.  Thank you.

Let me know if I missed anything.  I am happy to make updates.

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