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By October 21, 2012Tech

I was just sitting on my porch the other night when my neighbor whipped out his Samsung Galaxy S3 to show me the new app he loved.  I totally wanted to chat about the awesomeness of our new phones, but the app was too cool. I started downloading it while he was talking.  Yes, because he told me there was basically free money sitting right inside my phone. It’s called Level Up and it totally rocks.  There are only a few restaurants in Charlotte that currently use it but I am hoping that more join in.  I mean, they will pay $0 in processing fees!  Why they aren’t chomping at the bit, I do not know.  In fact, I may start to tweet them and email them and tell them how completely awesome I think it is.  For me…and for them.  The app is for android and iPhone but guess what?  If you don’t have such a phone you can email them and they will send you a Level Up card!  How sweet of them to save us all money.

Level Up App


Level Up Credits

Basically I signed up, touched the app and saw credit at restaurants around town.  Not just a couple cents either.  $10.00 to our favorite pizza joint!  My neighbor said they went in, used the app and got a free pie! No hassle.  That is just all kinds of awesome.  I think it could totally work with other businesses too.  Right now they are only accepting food service businesses but I am hoping they expand STAT!

When I first signed up, I started with $34 in the equivalent of cash credits to restaurants in my area!

Basically you get your own QR code and you scan it at participating restaurants and boom!  You are done!  You can even calculate your tip in the app just by touching the button of the percentage you want to leave.  Given my less than stellar math off the top of the head brain, this is so super cool.

Once you have paid, you get an email receipt.  Perfect for expense keeping and no paper to worry about.

Guess what, if you get your friends to sign up, they get $5 to spend anywhere with LevelUp and so do you!  You can tell your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email and you can even ask them to send you a free LevelUp swag with your unique referral code to help promote LevelUp.

Hey, if you found LevelUp through me, go ahead and use code 270MWQ and we can both get $5 free bucks!

One other really cool feature…you can donate to one of tons of charitable organizations when you save with LevelUp.  Every time you save, you choose a % of your savings and they will donate it.  I hope a lot of people choose to do this.  It is so simple and easy to make a difference and every little bit counts.

If you are concerned, check out the LevelUp security measures.  It seems totally safe to me.

If you are on an android phone, just search for LevelUp and hit install and you will be on your way to saving big bucks!

So, how cool is this? Seriously.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 paired with awesome apps like this is just awesome!

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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