The Lizzie Project: The Best Film Against Cyber Bullying is Waiting to be Made

There is a young woman named Lizzie Velasquez who needs our help to share her story.  We need to be with Lizzie. We need to help fund The Lizzie Project.

Lizzie was born with a rare disease that prevents her from gaining weight and has taken her sight in one eye. When she was just 17 she found a video that called her the ugliest woman in the world, and from there, her work against cyber bullying began. Lizzie chose to rise above the bullying and fight back by making the most of her own life rather than engage the bullies who literally said they hoped she would die. I cannot even imagine how it would feel to hear this!

Lizzie became a motivational speaker, published 2 books and completed her college degree.  Now she is working on a documentary for us and for our children and needs our help to fund its production. Donations start at just $1 and with our help, we can give this amazing woman the chance to share her life and her positive message and really, show the bullies who is boss.

Please Donate to The Lizzie Project and if you cannot donate, please share the Kickstarter page or this post. Currently the team has raised $122,600 of the $180,000 goal.  There are just 10 days left.

When I told my son about Lizzie he said there are no ugly people, but there are very ugly words.  We are all beautiful and better than bullying and this is the message that should resonate in our families, in our schools and on the internet.  Lizzie wants to help us get there.

Lizzie is full of passion and love and she lights up the room and the screen when she speaks. More than 9 million people watched her TEDx Austin talk on titled “How do you define yourself?” as she spoke about her own life and experience overcoming obstacles and refused to be defined by her physical appearance and limitations. She has a very special story that needs to be told.

The Lizzie Project is for us and more importantly, for our children and the millions of other kids who deserve to be safe from bullying both online and off. Lizzie wants to help stop cyber bullying and make the internet a safer and kinder place for us and for our children.

My kids are not old enough to have profiles on the internet, but at 7, 6 and 4, they all know what bullying is and they have seen the earliest examples of it. I told them about Lizzie and want them to see this film. Sophia, at 7, wants her hair, but she wanted me to let Lizzie know that she is beautiful inside and out. So Lizzie, if you see this, fist pump from Sophia, your newest fan! We are never too young to learn not to be a bully and how to respond in the face of bullying.

I hope you will consider being a part of bringing this amazing film to the screen.

Moms with Lizzie

I do not know the best way to share this campaign, so I started with sharing the campaign itself. Tomorrow I will share my own story, as small as it seems next to what Lizzie has faced. Perhaps if we can all share our stories and ask for help in sharing Lizzie’s, we can be a part of making this film happen.

* If you have any questions about the film, please do not hesitate to ask. I was introduced to the amazing producer of this film, Sara Bordo, by one of my very best friends, and I know that if we have questions about the film and its message she would be happy to answer them.

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  • Alison

    I was first introduced to Lizzie when I watched an interview of her on Huffington Post – she is truly inspirational! Off to donate and share!
    Alison recently posted… Through The Lens Thursday #21: StreetMy Profile

  • Andrea

    What a great role model for all of us! It takes constant awareness to combat the meanness that threatens our society. Lizzie is taking such an awful experience and making a wonderful thing out of it – we can all learn from her example.
    Andrea recently posted… RSVP: The Art and The AgonyMy Profile

    • Brittany says:

      Yes, I agree. We see so much viral sharing of stories where it is too late, where bullying has already taken its toll. Lizzie is here, fighting back with a positive message and teaching us all not to define ourselves by our physical appearance or what other people say about us. She gives us a real example of taking the high road!

  • Kim says:

    Lizzie is such a great example and I am so glad to learn about her story. It is such an important message – it seems as though bullying is everywhere we look online – and with my oldest starting to be interested in the online world, it is something I think about a lot.
    Kim recently posted… Glory DaysMy Profile

  • Dr. Jefferson Callahan says:

    I dont even think she is bad looking, the truth is after hearing her voice I think she is sexy and very capable, and would stand beside her anywhere in front of anyone or project,…she would be very very easy to love. Blessings, sweet heart!
    Dr. Jeff

  • We need to make this project possible. For Lizzie.
    Judy Charlotte recently posted… rubyweightloss.comMy Profile

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