Let’s Kick Some Back to School Tush

By September 9, 2012Tech

I might have missed telling you that I am a total nerd – school style.  I was that kid who had to get good grades, raised her hand all the time and sat in the front of the class.  Yes, people wanted to cheat off me.  I might have even been offered money, which offended my delicate sensibilities, but I reveal this to show you that I meant business.

This strange desire did not come from parents who made me feel like their love only came with A’s.  Nope, I basically came up with the whole plan on my own.  I must have been quite a conundrum to some, because I was quite the rebellious young lady by high school, but they didn’t always know what to do with me, because my grades never suffered. Ha!

It’s a good thing I have always been able to mock myself, because I deserve it.  My obsession didn’t verge on the ridiculous, it far surpassed it at times. I went overboard in school and when I graduated from college I took the same crazy pills to my job.

Now, I’m not advising anyone do what I do, though from a purely GPA standpoint, it certainly worked.  What I would like to tell you is that people, I did not do this alone.  I had tricks up my sleeve that I have improved on and still use today and will pass on to my kids.  They aren’t even secret tips.  Or had to come by.

Basically, I rock the docs and the calendars and the presentations and the many beloved spreadsheets with Microsoft Office.  These days, it does so many of the tasks I need it would be silly for me to look elsewhere.  Not only does it play nice with my PC and my Mac, but it plays nice with my husband’s work and with my work and offers some very cool tools.

If you are juggling a million things like I am, Microsoft Office can help.  Here’s how.

Failing Memory Saver

If your memory fails you as mine does, Outlook is awesome.  With multiple calendars and reminders of all our events and practices and even a little ding when we need to RUN like we are being chased for the bus, let’s just say it is a lifesaver.  You can have a calendar for each member of the family and look at then separately or together.

Also, it isn’t hard to have all of your email addresses in one place.  Just throw in all your gmail accounts and hosted accounts and you are set to go with nice drop down menus of each.  It is so much nicer than what happens when you do this in gmail.

Look Like a Rock Star

I’m sorry, but I like to look like I’ve got it going on in the mom department and when I want to rock this I turn to PowerPoint.  We use it for my almost famous DIY Disney autograph books as well as for making little newsletters for the kids and now that Sophia is in kindergarten, this total nerd is just waiting for the day she comes home with a project!  Oh boy, will she be using PowerPoint!  Also, if I happen to be a joiner at my school I can use it for simple presentations that look really good and not like they came from a frazzled mom who made them in the middle of the night.  Boom!

PowerPoint is also just awesome for bloggers or for anyone who wants to edit photos and format videos because you can do it!  Check out this awesome tutorial from Gigi on making Pinterest friendly images in PowerPoint.

Write Baby!

Let me begin by saying, do not write blog posts or anything for the web in Word.  All of the awesome formatting tricks in Word will wreak havoc when pasted into your post because of the formatting in the document itself.  It’s not HTML.  What Word can do is help you easily write a paper or a book or make a stunning presentation.  The tools in Microsoft Word coupled with the thousands of online templates can help you rock a presentation, help your child rock a paper and really market your next lemonade stand.

Become a Numbers Ninja

I adore Microsoft Excel.  I love building budgets and business plans and sorting data.  Watch out.  TOTAL GEEK!  Excel can be used for so many things.  I use it to build the basics of my family schedule, I use it to track my giveaways.  I use it to manage my business and I am using it while writing my firs book to store and sort an enormous amount of data.  I think it will be really cool to teach my kids how amazing this tool is and show them how to use data to make a point.  It can give numbers meaning.  Don’t throw up at my inner nerd.  Even with basic calculations I think this will be a tool I use a lot with the kids.  And if you are advanced, oh my awesome, it is like you can do anything.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Yeah, I was an 80’s kid.

Anyhoo, with Sky Drive you can be away from your home and still see your Office documents and edit them.  You can collaborate with colleagues or help edit your child’s paper.  How cool is that?  Also, your kid could be a group and work with those kids too.  Yippee!

Let’s Kick Some Tush with Office

Save on Microsoft Office

If you don’t already have it, right now you can get 15% Off Microsoft Office.  That’s a great offer!  You can have it all together even with a failing memory and not enough hours in the day.  Now that is kicking some back to school tush!

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac.  I have rocked Microsoft Office Professional on my PC forever.  I really do love it.  You can tell, right?

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