How to Get Stuff Out of the Toilet

By March 29, 2013At Home

I’ve got kids and they sometimes pay no attention to my rules.  The toilet is like a beacon, drawing them in and begging them to toss things in and see if it will flush.  Well, sometimes it does and sometimes it does for a little while and then starts overflowing at a later date, when the children have no memory of what they tossed in.

It could be a toy or a guest who doesn’t understand that feminine items do not get flushed.  Maybe your wedding ring slipped down the sink drain?  There are all kinds of things that go down the drain when they are not supposed to.

We have all called a plumber at one time or another and had them come by for exactly 5 minutes, unstick what is stuck, and charge anywhere from $50 to $100 for their visit.

Well, you need what I call the claw and for under 5 bucks you will not be at the mercy of the plumber for a simple drain dig again.

How to Get a Toy Out of the Toilet

This little tool is called the Grab Easy Grabber and Retriever.  It costs $4.98. I picked it up at Home Depot and in just a minute had this yellow block come out of the kids’ potty.  No wonder it wouldn’t flush!  Then I went crazy and did the other toilets and drains.  It gets anything that is in there.  For sinks it got hair out.  For the toilets it got stuff that was stuck.  Gross, I know, and I don’t know what it was.

All you do is push on the red button top to open the claw, stick it in the drain and push it through until it bumps into whatever is in there.  Then let it close and pull it out.  It sometimes takes a couple of tries.  You will feel so proud.  I promise.  If you are getting a ring I would gently put it in the sink drain until you feel or hear it and then grasp the ring and slowly pull it out.  The claws are strong and will not let go.

The point is you can now save a call to the plumber and unstick your toilet or rescue your wedding ring yourself.  This is a tool that everyone should have in their home.

Boom.  Money saved.  Potty clear.

That’s Awesome. That’s Vandy.

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