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Disclosure: I was sent a totally radical box of Teen Beach Movie goodies to share my excitement about the movie.  I knew my daughter Sophia would just go wild for it so I totally wanted in.  Huge fan of beach movies here.  Clearly all the opinions are my own.

You heard me right. Disney is taking a big risk and bringing it back.  The classic beach movie. Teen Beach Movie is made for kids ages 6-14 but totally cool for grownups to love it.  I checked and this baby is rated G.  So get the family ready for some brand new beach movie action!  The movie premieres on the Disney Channel on July 19th at 8 p.m. EST and while we will actually be in California we will be watching as soon as we get back!  Get ready for a family movie night!

Disney Teen Beach Movie

My Beach Movie Backstory

I’m a huge fan of a few things.  Gidget has been close to my heart since I was a little girl.  Musicals make my heart sing.  Well, I actually sing too, very loudly and in my car and in my house.  Take the beach and a musical and a  good old fashioned rivalry and love story to stir the pot…win win win! Give me some old Anette Funicello and Frankie Avalon in their 1963 hit “Beach Movie” or put on some “West Side Story” and I am a happy girl.  “Grease” wasn’t exactly a beach movie but it has a lot of the same characteristics and is close to my heart.  Would I want to be Sandy or Rizzo if auditions came my way and I could look 16…this is a question I have pondered many a time.

Teen Beach Movie Plot

I can’t say it any better than Disney did, of course!

“Teen Beach Movie” follows teen surfing sweethearts Brady and McKenzie who together ride the last wave of summer, one that mysteriously takes them into a classic beach party movie, “Wet Side Story.”  There, it’s surfers versus bikers for control of the beach hangout…and everyone spontaneously breaks into song and dance.  Now, Brady and McKenzie must try to return to present day, but their lives may be changed forever when they inadvertently alter the movie’s romantic storyline when handsome surfer Tanner falls for McKenzie and biker girl Lela starts swooning for Brady.

You should know there is a sleepover scene like in “Grease” and rivalry scenes like in “West Side Story” and all the makings of a great beach movie.  It looks perfect for summer and for the whole family.  Of course, we always watch movies, at least for the first time, with the kids, whether they are rated G or not.  Still, “Wet Side Story” is just funny and so creative and I just think this one is going to be good times for all.

Put Us In a Beach Movie

I think I could totally rock this look and these songs and die happy.  I made Ross put on the mask and wig combination from our gift box but I think he likes it more than he cares to admit.  Have I told you we met as the only two people in a one act play?  He is a closet theater geek soon to be lover of beach movies if I have my say!

Ready for Teen Beach Movie-001

Sophia and her friend Sean basically attacked the accessories too.  They would like nothing better than to be on the Disney Channel and they do their own little movies all the time so they cannot wait to re-enact this one.  Ready to rock and roll, baby!

Kids Teen Beach Movie

Then they freaked out because the stars of the movie sent me a little video…yes me…they talked to me.  Well, they said “Hi, That’s Vandy” but the kids nearly swooned.  They want to make a message back.  Because hello, one of the stars of the movie is Ross Lynch from “Austin & Ally” and I think Sophia would go all Beatles fan if she ever met him!

Here is the actual trailer, to give you a sense of how this modern day throwback will work.

I hope you will all get your Beach Movie on with your families and tune into “Teen Beach Movie” on July 19th.  You can go to the website to download your own party kit and find recipes and cool crafts.  Have a beachy time!

Disclosure Again: I was sent those rad masks plus other cool stuff to throw our own Beach Party, which clearly we are doing.  All opinions and love of beach movies are quite obviously my own.  I can sing every word of Grease and West Side Story.  Can you?

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