When You Buy a Major Fixer Upper

By May 8, 2014At Home

Oh Hi! Well, it has been quite awhile and I miss you.

You must understand, we bought a Major Fixer Upper so I am one busy beaver. On the outside you can’t really tell. That’s what drew me in. Oh how looks can be deceiving.

Fixer Uppe

A Fixer Upper is a house that you see and fall in love with the potential. Then you buy it. Oh, I imagine what it will be like to live there when it is finished. I can see us having a fabulous house warming get together in the rooms of my mind.  You can see the end and it looks glorious. This is what we all do when we buy a Fixer Upper. It is just really hard to get there and always takes a lot longer than you imagine. Like a lot longer.

In part, just for your information should you ever embark on this, it takes a lot longer when you rip out every bathroom and most of the walls.

House Demo

It also takes up a lot more space in your life (because we actually bought a major fixer upper) because of all the things you need to do. The Fixer Upper is a thing that takes over your days and makes it nearly impossible to accomplish anything else. It also always has the potential to become a money pit. You must watch the money at all times because these babies produce more money sucking projects at every turn. I am quickly and painfully mastering the dance of  the renovation.

I have not yet perfected doing this renovation jig while also being a great wife, mother, friend, daughter, blogger and all the other things we need to kick ass at every day. I’m just going to be okay at those things for now and get back to them at a future date. Yes, I have already apologized to family, friends, colleagues and teachers. Currently I am nut job, and this is normal for the new owner of a Fixer Upper.

To answer your question, yes, I am still madly in love with this house.

So, when should you buy a Fixer Upper?

1. You should buy a Fixer Upper when you are crazy in love with a house, like love it like you would marry it if you were also a house and houses did that. AND, if you have come to terms with a prospective budget and then increased it and are still not dead of a heart attack. I totally have the house hots for this one, as mentioned. This love affair is a little awkward, to say the least, and it will be quite obvious to everyone who sees you with the house or hears you mention it.


2. When you are purchasing a house that needs minor updates or updates over time in order to get some sweat equity in there or save some money. Read carefully…relatively minor updates.


I know.  A major fixer upper is is not for everyone. Paying for two places sucks. The stress is enormous. There are so many decisions all the time. Your family will think you have gone loco. You will become obsessive.  You will have concern for your own sanity.

I can’t think of any other reasons to put yourself through this for a major fixer upper unless you are a builder or an EXPERIENCED flipper or just plain crazy.

Once you start, as my husband so delicately says, “We are already pregnant” and he is right.  We are in the middle of it now. I should mention that he does not want to make out with this house like I do.  He is more like “What did my house crazy wife do this time?”  This is his greatest gift to me.  He let me buy us this Fixer Upper.  Oh how he loves me!

The real question is, how much do you want to see?

Do you want before pics and after pics?  Do you want to know about how we made our choices? Do you want to know how we are dealing with the flood zone?  It is all so sexy sexy I know. I have been told by Google and by real people that people love house posts so I’m thinking 1-2 x per week. One post on our house and one post on maintenance and upkeep on any home.  Please let me know what you want to see and what questions you have? Despite my looney tunes brain on this one, I actually am very good at fixing most household problems and can help with space planning and all that good stuff. I’d love to help with your home questions and feature your projects as well as mine!

Anyhoo, I’m back to the Fixer Upper spreadsheet. You know, fun times in Excel.

Here’s to Fixer Uppers! Because we are all fixer uppers and we all deserve to be loved.

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