Cinderella's Rainbow Castle

By May 6, 2010Disney, Travel

There was no way we could miss the lights and wonder of Cinderella’s castle and the Spectromagic Parade at the Magic Kingdom.  My parade post and pictures are coming tomorrow but who could believe that a color changing castle would keep the kids’ attention for almost an hour waiting for the parade?  I told Sophia and Miles that Flora, Fauna and Merriweather (Sleeping Beauty’s Fairies) were changing the colors while the princesses were getting ready in the castle.  You can see there are lights on in the towers so it was a very believable story.  It was even better when the fairies showed up in the parade!  It was really an incredible thing to see.  We got seats right across the bridge near the Liberty tavern.  It was perfect. 

Cinderella's Castle

Rose Colored Castle

Purple Castle

The Castle Blues

Citrus Castle

A Castle in Two Colors

Dreamy Castle

I am writing a series of posts on our experience with pre-schoolers at Disney World with lots of great tips, itineraries, and tons of photos!  Stay tuned for the Mommy Words Disney page!

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