Celebrating 60 Years with Mom

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My mom turned 60.  I can’t even believe it because, well, it makes me feel old but we both seem so young!  My mom, especially, doesn’t seem like what I imagined a 60 year old to be like when I was younger.  She is full of life and energy and is ready to attack the next decade of her life with the same infectious energy she has had since I can remember.

We have always called my mom The Cruise Director. as she is always full of plans and ideas for everyone and is never without her gorgeous smile.  I cruise director is an extremely valuable asset.  While at times their planning may overwhelm us simple folk, they make the most regular events spectacular.  They know everyone wishes, plan for everything and can balance the moods of many.  Being a cruise director is a gift.

For her birthday, my siblings and I took her on a little cruise around Washington, D.C.  It’s hard to plan for a director, but she loved it.  We had bottomless mimosas and a full brunch followed by a dance party and sightseeing on a perfectly gorgeous day.  We couldn’t have asked for more.  Of course, they totally had a cheese ball photo opp when we got on the boat and I spent the majillion dollars to buy that already printed photo that should have totally come with our cruise for my mom.  Then I scanned it with the Shoebox app for android and iPhone.  I love Shoebox for old photos or hard copies you want to have digitally.

My mom and her husband were there as well as all of my siblings and my sister’s boyfriend.  That’s what my mom wanted, all her little people there.  For her, it was perfect.  And it has been a long time since we were all together.  My mom is the hot blonde.  She looks nowhere near 60!

Odyssey Cruise Pic

Of course, my plan was to take a million pictures but we spent so much time enjoying each others company and frankly, shaking it on the dance floor, that I will cherish the pictures I got and relish the memory of abandoning my camera to live a little.  Honestly, I did not even bring my big camera, just my Samsung Galaxy phone, knowing that it would capture our day without weighing me down.

My brother and I flew up from Charlotte and showed everyone we were on our way and ready for a good time after we stopped for a little drink before our flight.  It is crazy how easy it is to fly without kids!

Brittany & Graham

We hung out on Friday and attempted to talk politics without fighting.  I have no pictures because it took a lot of effort to not fight.  We barely did it but were very proud of our efforts.  Dude, we are Swedish and Norwegian but you would think we had Irish blood!  We are one feisty family!

The boat was really fun.  It was relaxed and easy and they had a band.  There was much line dancing and the smiles went from bow to stern.  Seriously, we are a family that likes to shake it.  There is a video that no one will ever see.

My mom and her husband are so super cute together and may I please look like that when I am 60!  Pretty please!  She taught aerobics for a long time.  She has never been a sun nut.  She didn’t have her first drink until I was in college.  Now she loves Pinot Grigio but going 40 plus years without a drink was clearly not hurting her.  Oops, I should exercise and crap, I was having a drink with her when I was in college so that is shot.  All I have going for me is that I am a little maniacal about the sun.  May the next 26 years treat me kindly.

Mom and Her Hubs

I got to see my little sisters and got one picture with Katie.  Taylor and I never manage to get pictures together.  That is always the case with some people, you know?  Also, I meant to get a makeup lesson from Katie.  I forgot. Clearly I need to learn to put on eye liner or something!

Brittany and Katie

My brother was able to come up with me and let me tell you, after missing Graham at family gatherings for 6 years while he fought on the front lines, it was precious.  Graham served from before 9/11 and for 6 years.  He missed our wedding by just days after his first deployment and seemed to be deployed for every major family event after that. Then Katie joined the Marine Corps and she wasn’t around.  To have my brother with us and alive and have Katie with us was a precious blessing.  I could see in my mom’s eyes that she knew things could be very different.  Graham lost many friends.  She knows, as we all do, that  it could have been Graham and we don’t go a day without knowing how lucky we are to have him.  Having her four kids together was priceless.  Having her husband still make bunny ears in pictures is just awesome.

Katie and Graham

Well, after a few mimosas we thought it was all kinds of artsy to snap pictures while we were going under the bridges.  I give you our slightly tipsy taken artistic masterpiece.  I swear it was really cool looking and was just a few feet above our heads.  The boat is built low so it can get under these bridges and it was quite a feeling to be so close.

Rusty Artsy Bridge

 I know my mom had a blast.  A simply morning cruise and a weekend with her kids turned out to be just perfect.  Sometimes we don’t need a big party to celebrate 60 wonderful years and the amazing blessing of our family.

My mom is ready to rock the next 10 years of her life and I know she will kick some tush!  Happy Birthday Mom!

Verizon Wireless Ambassador Badge

These memories were captured with my Samsung Galaxy phone from Verizon Wireless.  The camera is pretty darn cool and the huge screen as amazing!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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