A Sweet DIY Party Invitation {Free Printable}

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We are throwing Miles and Violet a birthday party next weekend and what better way to celebrate than with sweets?  While we won’t go overboard on the candy for the little guests, we will go all out on the fun decor for this colorful theme!  I love a theme that focuses on color and fun because the parties tend to be simple to put together and still look fabulous.  Originally we were going to throw a rainbow party for Miss Violet in January (when she turned 2) but it seemed like more fun to wait until spring and celebrate in the sunshine!

Candy Party Invitation

We always make our own invitations to save money and get what we want.  Usually we all help decorate and deliver, but this time we made a simple printable.  The kids wanted lots of color and candy.  They are happy with the result and it was super easy!

Download the Invitation In PowerPoint Here

I made the invitation in PowerPoint and used 2 free fonts, League Gothic and Ribbon (I gave a donation to the font creators because I believe in supporting these fabulous designers).  If you download this in PowerPoint you will need to have these fonts installed.  I’m on a PC so I just hit download and then extract the files and then copy them into my fonts folder.  Easy Peasy! Once you have the document simply change the names and ages and your contact info and you are done! Or just use it as inspiration and make your own!

For the lollipops and candy I googled Free Candy ClipArt and Free Candy Vector.  I did not want to purchase these icons.  You won’t get quite as many options as purchasing images from Shutterstock or the like, but you won’t play either.  If you do not have access to a program that can open vector images you will want to search for clipart and search for .jpg or .gif or other standard image files.  If you have Photoshop Elements you can open .psd files as well.

This invite is meant for half of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  We used a thick white paper that we always have around for other projects like our DIY Disney Autograph Books.  Simply cut your paper in half and position it in your printer and voila!  A very sweet candy invitation.

I hope you like it and have fun planning your own parties and making your own sweet invitations!

p.s. This is the first time I am uploading a PowerPoint file so let me know if you have any problems and I will fix things so they work!

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