Zhu-niverse Was a Hit!

By August 27, 2010Campaigns

The Zhu Zhu Pets are scurrying across the country as part of their Zhu-Niverse tour and those cute little hamsters invited us to come play with them here in Charlotte!  We had never seen these little guys before and I have to say – the kids LOVED them and we thought the event was awesome.  Sophia (3) and Miles (2) had a blast playing with the pets, pretending to be hamsters in the blow up hamster tunnel, learning which Zhu Zhu pet they were, rocking the obstacle course and participating in all the dancing and games!  Sophia even played the Zhu Zhu game on Nintendo DS!  The Zhu Zhu staff were exceptional and made all the kids happy and comfortable and helped me juggle 3 kids in a parking lot!  I can’t say enough about what a great experience we had and oh – these hamsters are mighty cute! 

Sophia Adored the Pretty Girl Ones. Shocker!  She adored playing with the Zhu Zhu hair salon! 

Miles spent most of his time with the new Kung Zhu Pets – battle hamsters who roll around in armour and try to knock each other over.  He loved watching them in the battle arena. 

The kids thought the huge hamster trail where they had to search for gold coins was a blast! 

Even though Sophia has never met a Zhu Zhu before – she was great at the “Which Zhu Zhu Pet” question game! 

After completing an obstacle course (at least 30 times) where the Zhu Zhu Pets staff were awesome…over and over again… 

…the kids got to ring a gong and were told they are Kung Zhus!  Needless to say they were big fans of the gong! 

The kids got to answer some questions and find out which Zhu Zhu pet they are.  This was the funniest part for  me because Sophia got Rivet – the special forces and explosives expert of the Kung Zhu gang.  She was devastated even though I think they probably got it right!  She’s more than a handful – as my readers know.  They were kind enough to let her go again and this time they answered the first question for her, which then takes you to a screen that asks if you are a girl or a boy.  Ask them about this if you have a sensitive child like me.  Second time around she got Peachy – phew!  She did not want to be a boy!  The kids got very official V.I.P. badges with a code on them for us to get their picture as a Zhu Zhu from the computer.  Ours aren’t ready yet but the kids can’t wait!  The badges are already favorite playthings in the house for doctors office, fashion show VIP access and more! 

Finally, for us parent photogs there are cute Zhu Zhus set up for photo ops!  A blogger’s dream!  The kids picked these for their photo albums at home!  Sophia is wearing her VIP badges in this one (she did not care that the badges were pulling her dress down to almost inappropriate places). 

Miles loved the skateboard hamster and kept shouting “Zhu Zhu”! 

Even Violet got to hang with the hamster!  She was trying so hard to lick him!

The Zhu-Niverse Tour is going on through October so head on over and find out where you can party with the Zhu Zhu’s!  They have stops at festivals and also at Toys R Us locations in each area.

I want to thank the Zhu-Niverse crew  for being so friendly and fabulous at yesterdays event in Pineville, NC and say that the kids enthusiastically give the Zhu Zhu pets a big thumbs up!  They would love some of these hampsters at home to play with!  I also want to thank Maria and Amy at BSM Mediafor letting the Charlotte Bloggers in on this awesome event!

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  • Kelly says:

    We have avoided the Zhu Zhu craze, but those Kung Zhus are pretty sweet. Perhaps we’ll rethink at Christmas time.

    • Brittany says:

      Kelly – we just saw the Zhu Zhu’s for the first time yesterday but man did the kids LOVE them! They are not too expensive either and could easily be packed away for some fun on a vacation. I really liked them!

  • AZLB says:

    we have those little creatures all over our house. Not my favorite toy 🙂
    AZLB recently posted… Moody but can’t blame it on PMSMy Profile

  • angelica says:

    I don’t think they have those here in europe. looks fun though
    angelica recently posted… on sending my toddler off to collegeMy Profile

  • Zandi says:

    Aw Rats ( or should I say hamsters?) I wish I had known this was going on in Pineville! Elijah is in love with his Scoodles and his buddies that I babysit ( who got us hooked on ZhuZhu’s) are MEGA fans. I just gave another friend a Zhu Zhu ( winkie) as part of his b-day present and he loves it too.
    Thats what I get for not calling you recently huh? My bad.

  • Alli says:

    We have tons of those little buggers! And that’s cause Mommy likes them as much as the kids do! The only suggestion I would make, is to steer clear of some of the “habitrail” pieces. (We don’t have the new Kung Zhu pets or pieces yet, but we may give them a shot for Christmas this year!) We ended up sticking with the boat and the stroller for the babies. The others fall apart and the kids get frustruated. We’ve been able to use it as a great creative outlet though…they take their big legos and build mazes for the zhu zhu’s to crawl through! I just love the silly noises they make!

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