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By October 21, 2012Campaigns

We don’t go a day without thinking of Madeline, our sweet Doberman who died just a few years ago very suddenly.  It broke my heart.  I miss my buddy.  I would give a lot to have her back.  She was a part of our family.  I got Maddie when she was a tiny puppy and years before I was married or had kids.  When I got married, I think she had a thing for Ross, because she loved on him a lot more than me.  I was a little jealous.  When I had babies, I was relieved to see how easily she welcomed our new little people. She loved all of our babies and would gently lay beside them.  She was not scary even though she was big, at least compared to a baby.  She let them poke her and wrestle with her and lick her (yuck) and she never got angry.  Quite simply, she was awesome.

Now, the kids are begging for another dog.  We said we would get one when Violet was potty trained.  It might be awhile.  Unlike my other kids, she is flat out refusing.  More than anyone, my son Miles wants a new dog.  He has a way with all animals and is able to get close to even cows and horses and goats without them batting an eye.  He did get nipped by a cow when he was two for trying to kiss it, but he wasn’t phased.  Nope, that little man needs his best friend.  He tells us he wants the dog to sleep in his room, because his sisters get to sleep together and he is alone.  He thinks of names and looks at pictures of dogs and imagines his life with a new best friend.  He wants the dog to sleep in his bed.

Well, I suppose if he is cool with that it is fine by me.

Do you have a pooch?  Does your pooch like being in your bed more than you like your pooch in your bed?  Is your pooch drooly or loud or does your pooch have gas?  Does your pooch like to moan and groan or push you to the side? Come on, doggies aren’t always behaved in the bedroom.  Wouldn’t you just love for your dog to have her own sweet slumbering spot?

Serta SOS Giveaway

Well, talk about good timing!  Serta is giving away an awesome memory foam pet bed for your pooch and an incredible mattress set for you!  By incredible I mean you can select a mattress set for up to $7000 and it will be all yours to sleep like a baby on.  I have the Serta i-Comfort as do all of my children and let me just say we are happy campers over here.  The Serta mattresses rock.  You can check out my review of the Serta i-Comfort here.  Yes, I got to give away one of these puppies right here.  This time, you simply need to head over to the Serta S.O.S (Save Our Sleep) contest on the Serta Facebook Page.  Upload your photo of your adorable pup in your bed and a short and awesome 300 word essay on why you and your doggie need new digs for sleeping and you could win better sleep for both of you!  This contest in open until November 4th, 2012.

I think this sounds like a fun contest and I totally hope we get to see all those pooch pictures.

Have I talked too much about dogs?  Are you looking at your pet and thinking, oh man I really need to win…well get your tired tooshie over there and enter.

Good luck and happy slumbers!  Give that pooch a big hug from me.  I miss me some doggie love something fierce.

Disclosure: I am compensated for my role as a Serta Ambassador.  All opinions are my own.  I really love a good night’s sleep.  And I really think dogs are awesome, I just don;t want them sleeping on my face.

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