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This is what Sophia would like to wear to ballet class.  And to everything else in life for that matter.


I am pulling my hair out because I cannot find tights for Sophia’s ballet class.  Pink tights.  Let me be more clear.  Danskin pink tights.  More specifically Danskin #387 in Ballet Pink.  Yes, even in size toddler there are other colors of pink.  She does not need Theater Pink.  Or Classic Pink.  Or Petal Pink.  She needs only Ballet Pink.  I easily ordered her special leotard and slippers but these darn tights are stumping me.  Why can’t she wear a Target leotard and the tights in whatever color of pink they have?  We may never know, but here’s the scoop.

Ballet ShoesSophia starts ballet next Tuesday at the North Carolina Dance Theater School of Dance.  She will be covered in pink every Tuesday for the rest of the school year.  I know she is only 3, but she has never been so excited about anything in her entire life.  She has been talking about starting ballet in the fall for SIX months.  As that is a sixth of her whole life, this is impressive.  The only other thing she has kept focus on for this long is her desire for an American Girl doll.  Hold on to your tights Sophia because this birthday is going to be a big one!  Ballet and Felicity are coming!

You may be wondering, as my husband still is, why I am sending her to an actual dance company school at 3 years old when she could do the YMCA ballet or we could just wait until she is 5 or 6. Particularity when the school is a touch particular about the shade of pink and the cut of the leotard and the style of her hair (which does not grow).  There are so many reasons!

First, this dance program is located near my home.  Really near.  It is less than a mile.  And when we want we can take the bus from a couple blocks down the street.  With all my kids so little, this is a VERY big deal and the kids love it! And okay I am lazy (and it is a pain in the rear to risk the car nap destroying your potential break at home) and I hate driving far from my house for  regular appointments or classes.

Second, the dance class she is attending meets in an awesome art building called Spirit Square in Charlotte.  This is where Sophia took her Music Together classes when she was little for almost 2 years and she saw actual ballerinas going in and out almost every week.  She has been in love with ballerinas and with these dance rooms since she was little.

Third, this class is a drop off class.  Sophia is ready for this and because she is comfortable in these rooms already, I am confident that she will be fine without me.

Fourth, because this is a drop off class,  I will have some mommy and Miles time before the baby is born.  We have a FABULOUS kid’s library called Imaginon less than a block from where Sophia will have her lessons so we will be able to walk there and play and read together.  Miles will be stoked to read books about trucks or dragons or dinosaurs and have some relief from princesses and mermaids.  The other places with programs for 2 and 3 year old kids are parent accompanied.  This does not work with Miles.

Fifth, this is a really good program and if she likes Dance and wants to “go all the way” and someday win So You Think You Can Dance and bring one of those great looking young men home and he wants to marry her and every once in a while dance with her mother that would be awesome!  I am not kidding, one of their apprentice dancers was on there this year.  No seriously, Caitlyn Kinney (remember the 1st Bollywood routine?).  If she loves it – this is the place to be.

Finally, we love to be in the city as family.  There is a little grocery store and deli right there near the theater where we can grab some dinner and walk around a little after class.  We can talk about the buildings or take the free trolley, called the Gold Rush, around for awhile.  We also have the chance to meet Daddy for dinner.  Since Ross has taken a job with a very small company he must work his tush off all the time and again travel all the time but he does gain more flexibility than at a large company.  He will be able to meet us sometimes for a bit and some bonding before the kids are tired and crabby and ready for bed.  He may even be able to see the end of one of her classes.  He would just love this!

All kidding aside, the North Carolina Dance Theater is our dance company and they provide shows for families as well as your standard adult ballets.  If we can scrounge up the dough to sit close enough we are going to try to get the matinee package for me and Sophia this year to see 3 ballets!  We want to support the arts in this community.  I  also want Sophia to be inspired by dance and by her teachers and by the older girls and boys who are in the program come the spring recital.  Her babysitter trains there and is so focused and so poised and so lovely and I could only hope that Sophia will find a passion for something when she is a young woman.  Of course, it does not have to be dance.  Still, I think it is wonderful to be able to put her in a program that is more than just a little girl’s ballet class.  She will be able to see where hard work can take you, no matter what your passion.  This is what makes me the most excited about this program, even though she will only be 3.

So what if her outfit costs $50?  We are  so happy that she is so excited and I am literally counting the days until she is in her first show.  I mean I am dying to see her on stage!  That’s probably the theater geek in me.  I better watch out or I am going to become one of those terrifying Toddlers in Tiaras moms.  That would be scary.

What have you done that seems a little crazy for your little ones?  We all have something!  Share your stories.  I would love to hear them!

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  • shraddha says:

    i was thinking of putting my girls to ballet too…now i am even more motivated!

    and those are 50$ well spent!
    .-= shraddha´s last blog ..One single impression prompt – allow =-.

  • You don’t have to justtify why you send her there to me! Who wouldn’t want the best for their child!

    Have you tried Ebay for those tights??

    She is adorable!
    .-= Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com´s last blog ..These Seats =-.

  • Eileen says:

    You didn’t need to even give me one reason why your daughter needs to go to this school. I try to get my kids the best too!! The best that I can find in lessons and classes!!

    Getting private swim lessons are cheaper because your kid will learn so much and so quickly. You pay and pay when your take group lessons barely making any progress. You pay for what you get!!

    Your daughter is going to get a wonderful ballet experience. Excellent!!
    .-= Eileen´s last blog ..WTF Wednesday #2 =-.

  • Judy says:

    How adorable! I want to put my littlest one in ballet! I’m from the Mom’s Club and thanks for following!
    .-= Judy´s last blog ..Wii Fit Game Healthy Giveaway Reminder! =-.

  • Heather says:

    Hi Brittany! Found you on MBC…would love more followers! I post freebies, bargains and giveaways daily!

    • Brittany says:

      Heather – yeah girl where have you been??? HAHA! I am so excited and I am trying to think of what do with the rooms (we have to switch them so the girls can share). Maybe I will blog about it and post to a bunch of DIY bloggers to get their advice!

      Stacie – I am so excited she wants to do it but I think I would really be excited to see her want to do anything so badly. I think it is really fun to start to see a big girl personality showing up!

      Hi Heather I am following. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Stacie says:

    How neat that your daughter is looking forward to ballet. I hope my daughter wants to do that stuff when she is older.

  • Angie says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site and following it. (thru MBC) I’m thrilled to have found your site, what I’ve read so far I’ve loved and I’m now a follower of you too!

    I took 3 or 4 years of dance as a kid. Although I have no grace now (due to a genetic condition of my feet) at the time I loved it! I still remember how exciting the recitals seemed. Plus I made some friends. So, don’t feel bad, she sounds like she’s stoked about it and will have a blast!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Never Ask A Drunk – Joke For Blog Hop Tuesday =-.

  • Angie says:

    OK, I said I was following you, but I can’t get the follow widget to load. I’ve refreshed multiple times… I’ll check back again in a bit.
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Never Ask A Drunk – Joke For Blog Hop Tuesday =-.

  • My daughter takes ballet and it is her absolute FAVORITE thing in the world too – and she also insists on wearing a ballet suit everywhere, everyday. Little girls are just too cute!
    .-= existentialwaitress´s last blog ..This makes me laugh every time =-.

  • amie says:

    I can’t wait for Nola to take ballet. She already loves to dance to music. We are taking Music Together classes now and she LOVES it!
    .-= amie´s last blog ..A Few Things I Don’t Miss =-.

  • Lynn says:

    I so related to your dilemma over finding the exact right tights. Why indeed not the Target ones? But your reasons all point to why the Target ones wouldn’t be right. Sounds like Sophia has a natural inclination to dance. My daughter did a tap-jazz-ballet combo for 3 years. She’s now 6 1/2. This fall she’s moving on to more disciplined classes. Tap probably since that’s what has emerged as her most favorite. Good luck with the classes.
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Beaches and Theme Parks and X Games, Oh My! =-.

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