When You Give a Boy a Vacuum

By January 12, 2012Childhood, Parenting

I am a big fan of men who do housework.  When I say big fan, I actually mean my mouth always drops open, tears well up and I contemplate breaking into song when I see it.

I think us moms have a great deal to do with whether or not our little men who love to help grow into big men who know how to do complicated things like plug in the vacuum and walk around pushing it over dirt or put dirty clothes in that big metal thing, add soap and turn it on. We can even teach them that with a dry cloth and a little spray of pledge they can remove that nasty stuff called dust on their own nightstand or giant television.  We mothers are powerful people, you know.

Clearly, my mom knew what she was doing when she gave my toddler brother Graham a Eureka vacuum.  She was making him a real man.  That’s her supervising his first vacuum lesson.  Can I get an amen!

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My brother Graham has been in Charlotte for the past few months after serving our country in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea.  He is getting back on his feet after losing many friends, being medically retired from the United States Army, being diagnosed with P.T.S.D.,  and struggling as a veteran to find his way without his army family.  He is amazing in so many ways and we are happy to help him out here in Charlotte.  Not only is he fantabulous to have around with the kids (yes, he babysits and is way more fun than me) but he is a real man….one who knows his way around a vacuum.

Mom, you would be proud.  We left for a week for Disney and when we came back my baby brother Graham had cleaned our entire house.  Vacuumed, dusted, swept, picked up and basically rocked my world.  Ususally we reutn from vacations to the crapper we left with the rush of packing visible in every room.  This time we came home to a heavenly house.

Thank you Graham.  We all love you.  You are going to make some lady very lucky someday.  And not just because you can clean.

Parents…teach your men to vacuum.  It is a skill that will always be appreciated, never make him look like a wuss and hey, if he resists, treat that baby like his first power tool.  What’s more manly than that?

You should try this one on your husbands as well.  Tell them you think it is hot.  I think it is when my husband cleans.

Good Luck!

p.s. Graham has invented at least a dozen physical games for the kids that they BEG for.  I should post those don’t you think?  Another perfect addition to your honey do list.

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