When One is Pregnant

By July 22, 2009Life in General

One eats what they want and sometimes it is strange and sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is too much and sometimes it is almost nothing.  I felt like crap today but I was finally hungry so…I only ate breakfast.  I could not think of anything else I could imagine eating.  To be honest I have really only eaten breakfast for awhile now when I have eaten at all.  The other night at dinner when the waitress asked what I would like, Sophia told her I wanted a bagel.  Oops.  It may have gone too far.

Still, today was a LOT of the most important meal.

8.30 a.m. Cheerios

10 a.m.   Half of a bagel with cream cheese and a whole Diet Coke

1 p.m.  Strawberry yogurt with granola and raisins

4 p.m.   A whole asiago parmesan bagel with cream cheese

8 p.m.   Strawberry yogurt with granola and raisins

10 p.m. Bowl of Raisin Bran and glass of O.J.  ( This one is an attempt to avoid hunger pains and therefore nausea in the middle of the night)

So now I am done eating and I am feeling a little full from triple the amount of food I have taken down in one day on weeks.

Still, I LOVE BREAKAST so maybe I will milk this for a couple weeks.  Especially if I start to feel better.  I could mix it up and make it really exciting with some bacon, some waffles, some yummy scrambled eggs…..

What does all this mean?  I AM ENTERING MY SECOND TRIMESTER!!!  HUZZAH!  Chance of miscarriage now less than 1%.  Baby’s heartbeat 160 this morning.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

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