When 15 People Ask Where You Got Your Shoes, You Tell the Whole World

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My friend Suzanne walked down the stairs in a fabulous pair of wedges while we were on vacation. Being a girl who has been looking for the perfect pair of wedges for years, I asked her a little more about these gems. Well ladies, when someone tells you they can walk all day in those beauties and that they went back to buy more colors – it is game on. When that friend add that the wedges cost only $69, you can feel free to get a little teary eyed. I might have.

When you rush to the mall to buy the perfect wedges and over the next few weeks at least 15 people stare at your feet and ask you the same question – it is mandatory that you blog about it, put it on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or all of them. Ladies must band together and share great shoes.

I present you with the Callisto California Tiara Wedge.  These shoes look fantastic with skirts or jeans or pants or shorts or dresses.  Girls, this is like everything. These babies are comfortable, with padding that makes it so you can walk.  They are good for people with narrow feet, normal feet or wide feet!  I have a bone on the outside of my foot that us usually crushed by sandals like this.  No more I tell you!  The last band slips nicely over the bone and is actually comfortable and helps provide support to the side of my foot.

Best Summer Wedge

As far as fit goes, they do not come in half sizes and you are advised to buy a size up.  Altogether the shoe has a 4 1/4 heel with 1 1/2″ platform (comparable to a 2 3/4″ heel). I love this being just over 5 feet tall! I got mine at Nordstrom’s but I also saw them on Piperlime and Amazon and lots of other places.

So I admit, after years of looking, I bought 3 colors.  I am wearing the putty above but I also bought Fuschia (can you tell I like pink?) and yellow because Hello Sunshine!  I admit, I could not find the pink anywhere online so I’m showing you all the other colors but if you walk into a Nordstrom’s they should have the pink!

Callisto Tiara Colors

I am hoping these make it through a couple of summers.  So far they are holding up really well and I wear them a lot, with and without the kids around.  They certainly aren’t the highest quality shoes I have ever purchased, but then again, the price will tell you that.  For me, they are more than worth the $69 to have cute and very comfortable wedge heels.

I know, I know…they are so fun!  Now go out or save up and go out and get yourselves a pair of these babies.

Did I mention they made my legs look so much longer? I didn’t have anyone else to take a picture of my gams as we were in Mexico City and I must have spent too much time in the mirror amazed while my family went downstairs for cocktail hour.

Dress with Callisto Shoes

I hope you find yourself in some fabulous leg lengthening sexy wedges this summer.  You deserve it!

And now, I present the Callisto California Tiara Wedge with the first That’s Vandy award.  Of course, that means totally radical, wicked cool, amazing…you get the point, right?

That's Vandy Award

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