As I watched Prince William and his gorgeous bride Kate Middleton walk down the aisle I cried a little.  No, I have no crazy royal wedding fever.  I have a general love of weddings and their significance.  Babies and weddings are two things I can’t get enough of.   They are two of the most wonderful and the most difficult experiences out there.  I took my vows very seriously, as I assume most people do.  Marriage is not easy for anyone.  Royal or regular, wedded bliss is tough to come by.

Moments After Marriage

The big day was the easy part.  All that planning was nothing compared to real life marriage.  From there it gets complicated doesn’t it?    Two people sharing their lives is never simple.  Then you add children and it’s hard to find time to focus on your marriage or yourself.  At least, for me it has been hard.  I am just starting to get the hang of it. I plan on getting really good at it some day.

I cried watching the royal wedding because I remembered my own wedding day almost 8 years ago.  I thought back.  There have been some very tough times.  I would love to say they are nothing compared to the joy we have together, but I believe that making it through the hard stuff makes our marriage stronger.  Our blessings are bountiful and the trials are making us tough.  I want my marriage to be tough.

While we all drooled over her gorgeous dress and tweeted about her hair and wondered what it would be like to be a Princess (or Duchess), she was getting married.  Just like the rest of us, marrying the man she loves.  Love is the first part, then comes the marriage.  She is a royal now, and a celebrity.  She will be watched by the world in this capacity.  But as a wife, she is a woman, just like us, who is beginning a journey that takes love, compassion, compromise patience and determination.

I love weddings because it is amazing that people love each other enough to take this journey.  We all know, it doesn’t always work, making those vows that much more scary.  Yet we still pledge ourselves to one another.  We still take that leap.  Weddings remind me that taking a risk for love is worth it.

I am going to focus on my marriage just a little bit more each day.  I am going to tell my kids how important it is for Ross and I to have a strong marriage.  I want to look back at that picture of us walking away after our ceremony and always think…I would marry him again in a heartbeat.  I would do it all over for this love.

Congratulations to their Royal Highness’s William and Kate and to all the other people out there who have taken this leap for love.

p.s.  My husband keeps making jokes about marrying a Princess.  I totally did not get the joke until last night.  Guess what his ex-girlfriend’s name is?  Kate Middleton.  Crazy isn’t it?  If I were her I just might want to be called Duchess just for fun now.

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  • gigi says:

    wow, that’s crazy about his ex-girlfriend!

    I actually watched another wedding show last night – Kendra’s wedding on E! in rerun. Before the ceremony she said, “I don’t understand what the big deal is. I’ll be the same person tomorrow that I am today, I’ll just be married.”

    She had no idea, I’ll bet 🙂
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    • Brittany says:

      Oh I so would have watched that. I have a strange fascination with Hugh’s girls. They are so young! And yes, I believe she now knows that things do indeed change!

  • I love how you pointed out that she is like any other woman, marrying the man she loves.

  • Candice says:

    I loved the wedding and also thought about how for us, it’s this whole spectacle, but for them, it’s just their wedding – the day they join their lives together and get to marry the person they love.

    I’ve been thinking about my marriage a lot lately. As you well know, the first year of having a child changes everything, including how you see everything about the world. And it’s made being married really unrewarding, I have to admit. I recently read a blog post or comment that said that it should be illegal to get divorced if you have a child/children under the age of three, the idea being that you can’t see your marriage clearly in those years because of the stress and craziness of having a baby/toddler/preschooler. I found that comforting because I thought, “Wow, okay, I must not be the only one.”

    I also think it’s important that Nate see what a good marriage is and how it works, the hard parts and the easy parts. That motivates me to work at it, even when I’m at my wit’s end.
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  • I was totally agog over the wedding.

    I liked how you said that it is important for your kids to have a strong marriage. That resonated with me.
    This afternoon my Hubby and I were working on something together and my youngest said “you guys are doing teamwork”. I told her that yes we were a good team and had been a team for a long time, but it amazed how I take that teamwork for granted.
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  • I might be in the minority, but our marriage (and relationship) has been very easy thus far. We’ve been together 6 years and they have been the easiest 6 years of my life. We’ve moved across the country, and to 6 Canadian provinces, and have been trying for a child for 2 years. So those are some big things that could make it challenging.

    I married my best friend. Our life is beautiful. We are individual and deeply connected. We argue, but rarely. I’m glad our marriage isn’t tough, but happy for you that yours is sometimes, and you are growing and learning from it all!

  • Stephanie says:

    I really liked how you pointed out that she is just a girl marrying the guy she loves. I was thinking that same thing while watching the coverage and I bet she was just as happy and nervous and joyful as I was before my wedding (like you almost 8 yrs ago)!
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  • Such a sweet post! I got sucked into the wedding, too. The innocence of it— it’s all so romantic and sweet now. I hope they make it. I like them. 🙂

  • Theta Mom says:

    Focusing on your marriage a little more each day. Love that! And I adore that photo!!

  • blueviolet says:

    But your husband got the queen! You were such a pretty bride, and you still ARE pretty!

    I only know of one person who says her life is exactly the same now as it was before she got married a year ago.

  • Adriel says:

    I was one of the wedding watchers on the edge of my seat. Maybe living in Australia (part of the Commonwealth) added some fuel to the fire. They are crazy about Wills & Kate here!! I think the intrigue is that they are not “just” Royals… but seem to be really normal people who are getting married for really normal reasons. People (Australians) are sick of Royals being Royals if you know what I mean… they love this fresh young couple – definitely superstars here! 😉 I agree though – marriage is such a gift, but an expensive one! It is costly and takes a lot of investment. What a great ambition to “focus on it a little more each day”.
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    • Brittany says:

      Investment is a great word for marriage. It is so worth it though! I just wish I actually knew the secrets to making it work. I have seen so many marriages end that seemed so wonderful.

  • Shafeena says:

    I was amazed at the publicity stunts that people were throwing, that i was wondering if they realized how much of a marketing gimmick their wedding had become ! it is much more than that ! It is a private and personal affair, which i am shocked people want to to turn it into the fiasco it has become !
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