Violet's First DIY Tutorial for Babies: How to Sit Up

By September 8, 2010My Life

Hi.  This is Violet.  I am a little over 7 months old and I just learned a great new trick that my Mommy could not possibly be more excited about.  You see, I am known for wanting to stand up and jump all the time.  I love to beat my little feet into people’s legs and make their arms sore from holding me for hours whilst I jump away.  My sister Sophia told me that if I learned to sit up I would be able to play with toys and be a princess like her so I decided to give it a shot. 

Turns out it’s not that bad and it really wasn’t that hard!  You have have a little core strength and be able to hold your head up and stuff first.  Check with your mom to see if she thinks you are ready.  Then follow my simple steps and you too can be on your way to being a big girl who can sit all by yourself!  Everyone will love it and you will get a ton of extra kisses and tickles, I promise.

First, you have to open your legs wide so you can balance the weight of your really big head.  This is one of the only times your mom will ever tell you to open your legs so have fun!

If you need a little more support at this point it is really helpful to put your hands on your legs so your face does not hit the floor.  I am speaking from experience here.  Don’t be embarrassed – pretty soon you will be hands free too!

You can lean up against a couch or something if you need to but usually that hurts your balance – you need to learn to sit forward.  So just lean a little bit and you will have it! 

Ta Da!  See how easy it is!  I show you here how you can use one hand to hold yourself up and still look like a sitting up superstar!

Once you have this down you can work on a more advanced trick I like to call the “Sit and Spin.”  This is one you should learn because with our little hands toys can get away from us and we need to be able to scoot a little to get them back without falling down.  All you do is move your legs one at a time to the side until you are turned and can once again find your balance and your playthings.  You may fall and I am telling you that is okay.  You will get it.  Ask your mom to let you jump a lot.  It makes your legs really strong so you can actually make use of them in this exercise!

See?  It’s pretty simple and very impressive.  Everyone loves it when I show them!  Good luck and let me know how you do!

If you are curious, my next mission is to learn how to crawl so I can get toys and other cool stuff that maybe I should not have but looks like fun to chew on.  I will teach you how as soon as I get it down pat.  Then you can really have fun and drive your mommy crazy! 

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