Violet Fell Down the Stairs

By November 22, 2010My Life, Parenting, Safety

All the way down.

These stairs…the ones I was so worried about last week when I called them my enemy.

13 stairs, and I heard her hit each one.   We don’t know how it happened that the gate was not closed.  We will never know if we just forgot or if one of us had to run downstairs for something or if one of our other two children opened it.  It does not matter at this point.

We were picking up our rooms and the play area and were alternating playing with Violet.  At some point Ross went into our bedroom and I was picking up play food with Sophia when I heard Violet fall.  I heard a few thumps before she cried out and I realized what was happening.  I screamed and launched myself at the stairs.  I saw her go down the last 4.  She was rolling. 

I can only thank God that she is only 10 months old and was too scared or confused to reach out, to extend her arms, to change her fall.   Her simply rolling down probably saved her from major injury.  Her little body uncurled at the bottom of the stairs as I was halfway down.  I saw her start to kick her legs and wave her arms and burst out into a full blown scream and I was there a second later, so thankful that she was moving.  That she was awake and wailing. The alternative is almost incomprehensible.

I scooped her up and cradled her as my body began to shake and tears rolled down my cheeks.  What-if’s ran through my head.  I waited for her to calm down as I realized that she was grabbing me, holding my neck and face and kicking.  I ran my hands over her head and felt no bumps. None whatsoever. She was okay. I replaced the what-ifs with a litany of thank yous to God and to the universe in general.  I know things could have turned out differently. 

We are so lucky.

Our baby girl is okay.

I am a complete and total mess but I am not the important one here.

Violet stopped crying and stuck her head into my shirt.  She’s not subtle about the boob.  I sat down with her (I was still crying) and she looked up at me and smiled. I did not want to let her go, but like I said, she is okay.  When she was full, she squirmed out of my arms and crawled directly towards the now closed gate and pulled herself up, gurgling and smiling at my foe.

My heart skipped a beat.  The stairs remain my enemy and my daughter’s great delight. 

Let’s just say I may have issues ever letting her out of my sight again. Stairs, cars…boys…I never want her hurt. And we came way too close.

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  • Candice says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so glad she’s okay!!! I can only imagine how utterly terrifying that was. I would have been an absolute mess myself. Hang in there!
    Candice recently posted… Monday Five CountdownMy Profile

    • Brittany says:

      Seriously, I almost died myself. My heart is still racing. It was like the longest fall ever. I am so so gald she is okay and just left here windering how we protect our kids. Because sometimes, through no one’s fault – its more than bumps and brusies.

  • Omg. This made me cry.
    I can only imagine how horrible this must have been.
    Thank God she is okay.
    Keep your head up. <3
    Sydney Kearns recently posted… Wanted- Best friendMy Profile

  • Melissa says:

    So so so scary Mama! I am so glad she is okay!
    Melissa recently posted… Holiday Gift Guide 2010- Electronics and DVDs!My Profile

  • Oh so sorry that happened to you. So scary!!!! And I am happy that she is okay. Isn’t it funny that she has no “bad feelings” about the stairs, but I bet you can’t walk up or down them without thinking about it.

  • Kelly says:

    So glad she’s okay! Looks like you have one more reason to be thankful this year.
    Kelly recently posted… On bloodMy Profile

  • Wow, Brittany. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. I’m so glad Violet is okay. It just goes to show, you never know. You can take all the precautions in the world, and kids will still get hurt. Thank God they’re so resilient.
    Grateful Twin Mom recently posted… Little Boys Are Made Of WhatMy Profile

  • Holly says:

    Very glad Violet is okay.

  • Laura says:

    That is so scary! You just wrote about my nightmare – I’m constantly afraid Georgia will fall down the stairs. I’m so glad Violet is okay!
    Laura recently posted… Pumpkin Spice BagelsMy Profile

  • Jackie says:

    wow. My son is the same age and has this ever growing fascination with the stairs. He can climb up them like no other! And him near the stairs scares the crap out of me too!

    I’m so glad that she’s alright!

  • Jamie says:

    Poor Violet and poor Mama! Baby Bee fell down the stairs when she was about a year old. My husband forgot to close the top gate and she fell down 8 stairs. Like Violet, that she was so young probably kept her from being hurt because she just kind of fell. I cried, the Princess cried, Littlebit cried and Baby Bee cried. We all felt awful. Baby Bee was fine.

    Last week we took the gate down at the bottom of the stairs. The husband had left the gate open at the top of the stairs and Baby Bee went up and down with no issue without us knowing. We left the gate on at the top, but for now Baby Bee is navigating the stairs. She’s had a couple of falls, but I know it’s part of the process and she has to learn sometime.

    • Brittany says:

      Yes, they do have to learn, but I still think that a gate is good when a parent is not right there with them until about 2. Kids do some craxy things and sometimes they do not understand the danger! So glad Baby Bee was okay too!

  • My 2 year old fell. All the way. Head over heels and I saw the whole thing. The terror during, and after driving to the ER. And it was all my fault. Nothing was wrong, not even a scratch. But I still see it in my head over and over….and I will never forget that feeling. No one goes up or down the stairs without me (not even the 4 year old). Nor do they play on the swingset without me running from each side to catch them.

    Some people say I am overprotective now. I always explain that we had a bad stair fall. I sometimes get angry. No, I’m not overprotective. I’m THEIR MOM! Dammit! It’s my job. Yes, I will always stand here and try to catch them. Especially after seeing my baby roll, the fear in her eyes, and the terror I felt. The visions of tubes, pumps, ICU, and worse as this child was falling.

    I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I wouldn’t wish those 2 seconds on my worst enemy. Thank goodness she was okay. As for you, I don’t think moms heal as quickly.
    Sarah Trevino ~ Chefwife recently posted… Fried Tofu with Spicy Sesame SauceMy Profile

  • Michelle Avitable says:

    Brittany – I am so glad that Violet is ok! It must have been so scary! Similar thing happened to Sofia this weekend – She got knocked over accidently by a 4 year old when we were outside, and her head was going to hit the cement ground… Thank goodness there was a foamy baseball bat that another neighbor’s kid had left there and she landed on that instead. I was so relieved that she screamed right away and did not lose consciousness…

  • Megan says:

    oh HUGS! I’m so glad she is ok, she has already forgotten I’m sure, but I know you will always remember. I had all those same emotions when Staci fell out of her crib. I have never, ever flown up the stairs so fast, I think I may have only stepped on one of the 13 stairs and flew there on pure adrenaline. 😉 so, so glad everything is ok. HUGS

  • Lucy says:

    O my gosh Im sorry, hugs. I have been there and beat myself up for days when my son fell down the stairs. We ended up figuring out that he learned how to open the gate. Either way its awful when this happens and Im glad that she is ok.

  • Niki says:

    I’m so glad she’s okay! (((HUGS)))
    Niki recently posted… Hes Still Working on MeMy Profile

  • Bryna says:

    The perils of parenthood are immeasurable until it happens to you. I’m glad Violet was okay though. Someone was watching over her!

  • AnnOnandOn says:

    What a blessing! I’m so happy so is o.k.

  • Brittany says:

    Thank you all SO much for your comments! It has been a very busy and difficult day. I read each and every one and I’m such a poo for not repsonding to each and everyone. I have packed WAY too much into the few days before Thanksgiving. Much love to all of you! xoxo

  • My heart just stopped for a moment. Gosh, I’m so glad she is o.k. I HATE stairs. I wish we didn’t have them. I’m so glad that she is alright though, what a scarey situation.

  • Loukia says:

    I am so glad she is okay. There is nothing more scary than watching/hearing your baby falling down the stairs. Yup, it has happened to me, too, with my youngest son. He fell off a couch once too and we took him to the hospital because he was 5 months old at the time. Awful scary. HUGS TO YOU. I wish we could keep them safe always, you know? It really does shake you when they get hurt, you know? xoxo

  • SuperJenn says:

    Oh honey!! No!!

    I once saw one of my babies fall head over heels out of the crib…it was like slow motion…head first, back arched…I had visions of neck injuries and I couldn’t get there fast enough… I also sat and cried….while she got up, shook it off and continued on her way. She had, after all, accomplished her goal. She got out of bed.

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