Twig the Fairy and the Festival

By November 13, 2010My Life, Travel

We hit the Carolina Renaissance Festival today for some fun with the kids but our main goal was finding Twig the Fairy (yes, she has her own website and she tweets) so Sophia could meet her and get a picture for her growing album of fairy meetings.  Yes, you could say she is a little obsessed.  Given my great love of fairies though, I just go with it.

After hours of searching we were on our way out when (I kid you not) I saw a glimmer of the most beautiful wings through the crowd and knew we had found our fairy.

Sophia was ecstatic to find her and I have to say I can see why.  While she was concerned about why a fairy would want to be named twig, when we met her, those worries vanished.  This fairy is so cute and all one with nature.  Her fairy garb and crown are to die for.  And the wings…oh the wings…where oh where can I get us some of those?  I swear I would wear them to parties.  They are just so fabulous and fancy!

The only problem…Twig seems to only speak fairy unless on Facebook or Twitter so I will have to ask her there all of Sophia’s questions.  Does he have a special talent?  Is she friends with Tinkerbell?  Where does she live?  Has she ever met Silvermist?  The list goes on.  The fairy beautiful Twig did give us a mischievous gaze and dig into her bag and bestow some fairy dust and  a jewel upon us.  This seriously made Sophia’s day.  I should carry these around because Sophia was mesmerized.

I was too because I totally forgot that Miles did not get one.  Oops. 

He tried to find his own and seriously – the non fairy rocks just weren’t cutting it for my knight.

Finally, my own fairy felt bad for her little brother and shared her fairy stone.

Finally, our day was complete.  And we were all happy and ready to make our way towards home.

Phew, we found our Fairy Tale ending.

p.s. On Twig’s Facebook page you can get your fairy name.  Yes…I so did it!  You can now address me as Brittany or as Lark Widget Bloom Notchwood.  I love it!  (You all see how funny it is that Lark is just awesome and then widget and wood are in it and being all handy and stuff well, it just suits me!

p.p.s. Sophia’s is Pithia Spryly Bloom Notchwood.  Love that it matches at the end but hmmm… not so sure what she will think of Pithia…even when I tell her that Pythia was the priestess at Temple of Apollo at Delphi.  Won’t fly with a 4 year old huh?

p.p.p.s Miles’ fairy name is Violet Thorn.  How wierd is that.  He got his baby sister’s name as his fairy name!

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  • Mommy C says:

    I am now in love with Twig, but I have one question. What the heck was a fairy doing at the Renaissance Fair?

    Violet Whisper Juniper Notchwood

  • Bryna says:

    I was a woodland fairy for Halloween one year. I made the costume with Autumn leaves and such. Came out cute, but Twig is MUCH prettier!!! I love that Sophia is obsessed with fairies. Does she have the new Tink movie? She could be just like the little girl in it!!!

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