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I love to travel and I love to take my kids with me.  My kids are young.  All 3 are 4 and under.  Airports…airplanes…they are a pain in the tush.  I revealed my tips on airplane travel with small children last November and practically drooled over the CARES airplane harness.  Just the thought of a restraint that kept my kids safe without literally tipping me over made me giddy.  Well the lovely people at CARES sent me my very own harness so I could see what all my own fuss was about.

I will never travel on an airplane again with small children without the CARES harness.  Never.

This harness is for children 22 to 40 pounds, weighs 1 pound, is approved by the FAA and took about 1 minute to put on.  Oh…it fit in the little side pocket on my carry on.  People it’s like twice the size of my blackberry.  Awesome!  Here it is…the actual tiny bag.

It’s good to go in the U.S. and is approved by the FAA  and has been certified in  has also been certified by Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, and the UK and flies on most of the major airlines of Europe and Asia

Usually, this is what I need to carry when we travel. We need the car seats on the plane and we need to lug this through the airport.   And this is with 2 kids.  Now we have 3.  Yes, I have tipped over before.  I was not amused.  I am pretty sure I convinced people not to ever travel with kids….or to risk leaving them without a proper child restraint system.

Children should be buckled up on an airplane just as in a car and we always just lugged the giant Britax and infant seat onto the plane with us.  Little bodies cannot handle the jolts and jostles of airplane travel very well and they risk injury throughout flight, but particularly on take-off and landing.  During heavy turbulence, I have seen a parent lose their grip on their lap child.  If at all possible financially children should have seat and have be using a restraint system, whether the old fashioned way (huge car seats approved for both motor vehicles and airplanes) or the CARES harness.

Now I can check all the big car seats and as car seats check for free I stuff lots of diapers and blankies and such in those giant car seat travel bags.  Good tip huh?

So, how easy was it?  Very easy.  I was short on time and read the instructions waiting for boarding.  I easily installed the restraint in about 3 minutes the first time as I had to adjust the buckles for Sophia.  It was really easy.

That red belt goes around the seat and behind the tray table area of the back and then the two shoulder straps come down and the airplane seat buckle goes through them.  Couldn’t be easier!

And she really liked it! (I made another adjustment to the buckle after this photo – took about 30 seconds.

Throughout the flight Sophia was comfortable and steady in her seat.  This made me comfortable and happy.  It probably helped that my back did not kill from carrying that behemoth seat through the airport with an infant and a pre-schooler.

As we get ready for the holidays and all that travel I would highly recommend the CARES harness for your kids safety.  Also…comes highly recommended for your sanity.

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