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I am not a huge fashion shopper.  I love buying tools and art supplies but as I spend most of my time in paint covered jeans and sawdust covered t-shirts, I do not buy a lot of clothing or accessories.  That does not mean I don’t love fashion.  When I do get dressed I like to look nice and I love clothes that are practical and beautiful.  I adore things that are totally impractical and gorgeous, I just can’t justify the expense.  What I buy needs to work for me, be easy to wear, and make me feel a little special.

American Express asked me how to share my online shopping mistake last week and now how I would spend $500 on must have’s for fall.  I think I found some great pieces that are missing from my wardrobe and would love to hear what you would add with some extra money this fall!  Don’t forget American Express is giving one of my readers $250 in merchandise and / or gift cards so you could have some additional money to spend!

My Five Must Haves for Fall


I want to start by saying that jeans are a must have for me every fall.  I don’t spend a lot of money on them either.  I am petite and curvy and I find that The Gap and Banana Republic both have jeans in petite sizes for well under $100.  I adore the Gap’s 1969 Curvy Jeans and for $69.95 they look awesome and leave room for some special pieces that may cost a little more.

Gap Curvy Jeans

Flirty Top

I am very basic on the bottom but I love a really pretty top.  I am cool with layering so I tend to choose short sleeve shirts and throw a very thin long sleeve on when it gets chilly or rock an awesome jacket.  This Trifecta Tee from Anthropologie totally works for my body shape and my style.  I love that it is loose and covers the top of my arms and will highlight my curves without being too sexy.  The embroidery is so pretty and the orange is my favorite color!  It is also perfect for fall.  Usually when I find a shirt I like this much I get it in more than one color.  In this case I adore both the orange and the blue and the shirt is just $58, a reasonable price at Anthropologie! Two shirts I will wear all the time for $116.  Wahoo!

Anthropologie Orange Trifecta Tee

The Little Black Skirt

I need a new one and this fits the bill.  As short as I am, I need petite sizes and you can put anything with a black pencil skirt.  The reviews on this baby are awesome and again, the Gap Pencil Skirt delivers for just $49.95.

Gap Pencil Skirt

Sassy Shoes

I am always in flats.  When I put n nice clothes I always wish I had a pair of comfortable casual shoes that would make my 5’2″ frame a little taller.  I found these Zara Zip Up Wedge Boots and think they would be perfect.  I love the grey brown color and the fact that they are a wedge and not a heel.  Also, for $99 I am not blowing a huge amount of money on a pair of shoes that for me will not be for every day.

Zara Ankle BootThe Bag

As some of you may know, I rarely carry a purse.  I am a really simple person accessory wise and the only make-up I wear is Clinique Black Honey on my lips and mascara (which I do not re-apply).  I usually have a little pouch thing that hikers use that fits my few credit cards, ID, phone, lip gloss and a tiny notebook.  When I am out with the kids all of their stuff goes into one bag and then I just throw in my little pouch.  The only issue is my camera.  I take it everywhere and I need something to keep from just lugging it around on my neck.  It would be great if I had a bag that was stylish, made for a camera and had room for the items from my pouch.  Well, I totally found it!  I think it may fit a diaper and small wipes case too!  Meet the Epiphanie Stella Bag!  This sassy bag has room and cushion for my cameras plus my little stuff and boy do I love it!  It is my priciest item at $164.99 but considering I do not send much at all on accessories like bags, I think this is a totally worthwhile investment for someone like me!Epiphanie Stella Bag

Stella Inside

There you have it.  $500.79 for six great pieces that will totally take my style up a notch this fall.  I do a lot of shopping online and have a few personal tips for you to stay safe and make your dollar go as far as possible!

My Personal Online Shopping Tips

First, always shop at sites you trust and that have good ratings with the BBB.  Be wary of great deals on sites that look a little sketchy.

Check out the return policy.  I like to shop at sites that have an adequate return policy and will make returns as easy as possible.  For some stores, that means I can skip shipping back and take them to my local store for returns.  For other stores it means I can print off a shipping and returns label at home or it is included in the box.  Online shopping means you have not seen the item so it is best to be able to return it.  If you shop with an American Express you can be protected for up to 90 days after purchase even without a return policy.  How cool is that?

Don’t forget to google coupons!  The best thing about shopping online besides not dealing with the mall is getting a great deal.  I now there are lots of daily deal sites out there but I always just google the name of the store I am shopping at and coupon and I almost always find something.  It is common to find free shipping and 10 or 15% off but I have hit the jackpot sometimes with 30% off!

In addition to googling free coupons, you can also purchase coupons on sites like ebay.  There are tons for large merchants like Lowes, Home Depot, the Gap, Gymboree and more.  Check out the seller rating so you feel comfortable and then spend a couple bucks on a coupon that can save you a heck of a lot more!

I gave some other great tips last week when I shared my online shopping tips but I want to remind you to shop with a credit card online to protect yourself.  A debit card does not make it easy to get your cash back!  A card like American Express not only provides the standard purchase protection but an additional 90 days coverage for you to return an item…on them.  They also have a gajillion awesome things to buy as part of their Membership Rewards Program.   I have been a card holder for more than a decade and I use my American Express whenever possible.

Win a $250 Prize from American Express!

American Express is giving one lucky Mommy Words reader $250 in gift cards or merchandise or a combination of both!  Be sure to comment on this post with your biggest online shopping mistake and then check out all the extra entry options.  You can leave a comment here with your fall must have for an extra entry!  Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by American Express and is compensated. The opinions expressed are my own.

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