Today Show, How I Miss Thee

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I know what I am missing.  That lovely combination of news and heart warming stories and weather and celebrities that is the Today Show.  I hop on twitter to say good morning while I pop the bagels in the toaster and every day it is the same.  I see Stephanie @MinkyMoo, Marinka @MarinkaNYC and Wendi @WendiAarons tweeting away about the joys and horrors and clothes and all of the awesomesauce of watching the Today Show and I cry a little inside.  Why can’t that be me?  Why can’t I watch big girl T.V. and talk with big girls about such big girl things.  Woe is me, because on the outside I am still singing along and dancing on command.  Yes, I dance on children’s commands.  Don’t you?  (My kids should file this away under their mom totally kicks ass, by the way.)


Last week my friend Jill was on to talk about her new book and the whole family looked at me like I had three heads when I politely asked to change the channel to see her segment.  It’s like watching real people on T.V. would kill them.  Oh, the drama of pre-schoolers.  I even told Sophia she would love Jill’s hair as she is currently obsessed with how her hair is not long or curly.  No dice.  My kids didn’t give a crap about any mom blogger on the tube.  My husband and in-laws even seemed confused.  I took my breakfast to the living room couch and watched by myself.  Those few moments were bliss.  Other than praying that the show didn’t throw us tell it like it is moms under the bus after I heard Ann Curry’s intro, I relished every moment of my big girl time.  All 10 minutes of it.

I know I am not alone.  After I tweet good morning I usually commiserate with those other poor souls forced to watch Nick Jr. or Sprout or Disney.  None of us know what the hell is going on with the Today Show but it all sounds just fabulous.  We can’t even click over on a commercial because there are no commercials on little people channels and when one comes on Disney it is like I am turning off their life.

Watching toy commercials is like crack for kids.  They yell things out like “It can be microwaved!” and “Mom, we can get two for the introductory price of $9.99” and “Oh my goodness Mom her hair can be colored with washable markers!” and the best, my very favorite, “Mom! The brand new Dora movie is on at 10/9 central!”.  They don’t even get what central time is.  And they have no interest in me explaining it.

I know it may seem extreme, but there are just so many of us out there suffering.  If only a few changes could be made I might be able to slip one past the grown up haters and sneak in a few minutes of Today.

Today Show Mix

Now, I know those of you with all kids in school will think this sucks. Just think of the millions of fellow mothers who want something so small.  I think adding a little commentary by Jake (I mean, he’s cute, right?) or the ever sassy Dora or the cuddly Elmo could even be fun for us all.  I mean, Elmo knows TONS of celebs anyway so he’s totally cool with some interviews and real hard hitting questions about parenting and education.  This could totally work.

Honestly, I don’t mind shaking it to some Backyardigans 99% of the time.  I just really miss this little slice of me time in the morning.

So tell me, what do you watch in the morning and hey – if you have littles and get to watch real television please tell me how you accomplish this impossible feat!



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  • If I lived in the States, I would totally watch early morning programming for grown ups.

    I only say that because I have no idea what it’s like to have to battle it out with children for the TV. The toddler is obsessed with the iPad 🙂 Also, we have no good morning TV here. Sigh.
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    • Brittany says:

      See if you were here he would know what is on in the morning because they talk about it at school and stuff and then he would give up the ipad during breakfast and see, then you would be where I am! We don;t battle at any other time. This is their tv time. It just happens to be the only time of day that I wish was mine too!

  • Alexandra says:

    Oh, me too.

    Because of topics covered, I can never watch this early morning stuff either.

    It’s like a bomb waiting to go off.

    I catch up at night, late at night.

    I hear you..

    • Brittany says:

      I can’t even catch up at night. I am so woefully behind on T.V. I will never catch up. I just wish for this one small thing…to watch and tweet about the Today Show. Ridiculous but true!

  • Wendi says:

    Haha! But seriously, lately I’ve been missing The Backyardigans. That Uniqua is a far better interviewer than Ann Curry.

    Thanks for the mention, Brittany!

    • Brittany says:

      We would all watch Uniqua forever. I think perhaps she values women more than Ann and wouldn’t make us moms sound so nasty. Actually, all the Backyardigans rock. I totally know their tunes and don’t mind if I say so. Still, I miss that damn show way too much to be normal!

  • Marinka says:

    That is seriously a brilliant idea. Put Elmo on the couch with Matt and Ann!
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    • Brittany says:

      He’s cuter and more balanced I think. Plus appeals to a wider audience and doesn’t have to worry about wardrobe. I mean, does anyone hate him? Also, he is friends with Super Grover, who rocks my world. Guest anchor with a cape…always a winner.

  • Leigh Ann says:

    Oh, I miss the Today Show! I haven’t watched it since I had to get up and nurse the twins when they were babies. I stopped watching regular tv when thy started paying attention to it. Now it’s Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Yo Gabba Gabba, you name it. I haven’t seen a real commercial in so long, i have no idea what products are on the shelves or what movies are in the theaters.
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    • Brittany says:

      Oh my goodness yes! Strawberry Shortcake here too. And the kids sing it all the time. And those songs are annoying. That darn hub sucks them in but the commercials are terrible there! We must fix this.

  • Julie says:

    I never watch tv in the mornings! I check Twitter instead. HA! I do put on the Backyardigans on Netflix for the toddler in the early afternoon for a bit, but most of our tv watching is done at night. Did you get to see Jill’s segment elsewhere?

  • Julie says:

    I have no idea why my comment says Twitter – Missouri. LOL.
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  • Farrah says:

    Hahhaha. You know I feel your pain. The twins wouldn’t say a word- but B (the 3 yo) would start yelling from the foyer (where he is playing with the Thomas set) ‘BUT I DON’T LIKE THE NEWS. I DON’T LIKE THE NEWWWWSSSS’ until I turn it to PBS Kids (no cable).

    Seriously child. That is NOT the ‘news’. Brain Williams is ‘THE NEWS’! lol.

  • Ann G-B says:

    I get up an hour earlier that the toddler to watch an episode of General Hospital from the day before. How sad is that addiction………..

  • Andrea says:

    I know. I SO know. This is me, all day long. ALL day.

    And all I want to do is watch The Voice!! I mean, it’s Xtina and CeeLo (she knows who CeeLo is – am I bad? Do I care? Nah!). Mornings aren’t so bad here because right now she is up in my bed watching the Hub. And I’m downstairs eating something and online. For a bit.

    I suppose maybe when she starts school I *might* get to enjoy morning TV again. Ha!
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