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I love sending cards. I think it is special at any time of year and for any occasion. Getting something in the mail is wonderful these days, when usually email is the only thing that greets me. The holidays bring cards from all over the world and this year, so far, most of the gorgeous cards we are getting are from Tiny Prints.  I am not surprised.  Tiny Prints has a gorgeous selection of Holiday cards from fancy and fabulous to fun and funky and they have cards to suit every budget.

Actually, Tint Prints has some of the most wonderful cards around for every occasion.  I have used them for the kids’ birth announcements as well as special invitations and I have never been anything but ecstatic when I saw the cards.  Their motto is Tiny Prints – Big Impressions.  It’s right on.

I was so excited when Tiny Prints offered to send me some holiday cards from their Holiday Collection for me to review!

When I first looked through the collection of more than 1000 holiday cards I was blown away when I had added more than a dozen to my favorites.  Considering we are an interfaith family and I started by eliminating all Christmas cards this is very impressive.  Usually I go over the top with my cards but this time I decided to test what I could get on a budget since this has been a tough year for most of us.  The cards start as low as $0.49 per card for some really beautiful designs.  I was more than happy to find so many gorgeous options.  I was so happy with the postcards that I found that even though I had some gorgeous standard cards chosen, I went with this very simple and wonderful postcard.

Yes, dear readers, I took your suggestion and stuck with the picture that was slightly overexposed but all 3 kids were smiling.  You were right…I got others with perfect lighting but much less than perfect expressions.

I think it is gorgeous.  Love.Peace.Joy.  It’s what I wish for everyone.  And the happy everything…yep, I wish you that too!  This card was perfect for me!

One of my favorite things about the postcard is that for a very small price I was able to get a photo card with message on the back.  Without sacrificing any style I got to give our friends a quick update on our family and send our love.  That is perfect since I never got around to sending out birth announcements for Violet.  At least now everyone has been informed of her birth!

You can get everything from postcards to ornament cards (to hang on the tree) to full blown tri-fold cards with multiple pictures and text boxes where you can share your memories.  I love that so many of the cards are customizeable.  When you choose a design most of the cards have 3 or 4 options for layout and number of pictures and let you change the text on the card.  Not a Merry Christmas person?  You can say Happy Holidays or Peace on Earth or whatever suits your fancy.  I really appreciate this.

Know what’s also great?  You can have live help with your card or when your order is submitted someone will look at your photo and help you touch up any problems.  Thank you Joe!  I really appreciate that level of customer service.  It goes a long way towards bringing me back again and again as a customer.

Actually, their site is so fun to look around I am just going to tell you – go look at the wedding stationery.  Holy take my breath away I must have some event where I can use these.  Utterly gorgeous.  I tell you I am a smitten kitten over here.  Check out the floral ones.  Modern and just lovely…and yes, there is purple.  Ahhhh….

Overall, this is one of my favorite companies to order from.  If you haven’t got your holiday cards yet you should check out Tiny Prints.  A Happy New Year card is always fun!  If you have your holiday cards all sent, well then you should check out Tiny Prints and their personalized thank you cards, stationery or photo calendars.  There are so many reasons to send a card and Tiny Prints has you covered in style.

I was provided The fabulous Tiny Prints Holiday cards to review.  My opinion is 100% my own!  I love these cards!

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