This is What I Call Indepence Day!

By September 1, 2010My Life

I can’t tell you how ready we were for school to start today. We have been waiting and planning and talking and…waiting some more. We went on Monday thinking it started. Oops! We jumped the gun…2 more days of waiting. This morning we woke up ready.

Clearly Sophia and Miles were pumped.

Hooray! School Starts Today!

We wore red, white and blue because I am a total sucker for matchy kids at this age and think it hides some pretty tough toddler photography issues but also because hey – this is our Independence Day!

My kids are like some sort of uber-social Hollywood kids that think a day without other kids is akin to a day down there…you know…in hell.  With constant requests for play dates and kid walks and dinner with other kids and summer multi family field trips a mom can get a little tired…and a lot ready for school!

Come On Mom, Let's Go!

Even Violet gets to go thanks to the morning nursery that our pre-school has and I am so very thankful they have it.  If you haven’t heard, Violet does not nap.  You heard me; she is a 7 month old who every once in awhile snoozes for 15 minutes once in a day but otherwise is awake and…get this…jumping.  She does not like to sit.  She does not like to lay on the floor.  She only likes to eat and jump.  She can be in the exersaucer or jumperoo or you can hold her while she pounds your legs with her little feet and makes baby dinosaur screeches at the top of her enthusiastic lungs.  She is an absolutely adorable ball of energy.  She might be a tiny superhero – we shall see.  My arms are tired – the 3 hours in the nursery may mean I get to keep my sanity.

Violet's a School Girl Now!

Instead of taking real school pictures for me we played funny games and made funny faces at mommy’s new camera.

Ha Ha Mommy - Try This Face on Your Blog!

Then the kids asked for a picture of them in their backpacks – the hit of the summer – and actually were great subjects when I was taking pictures of their backs!

Shiny New Backpacks!

We don’t worry about tears around here – my social nutballs thrive in the crazy pre-school environment.

Miles is in the 2’s with Miss Dana.  She is AWESOME and the mother of Miles’ bestest friend in the whole wide world.  He has been talking non-stop about him all summer.

Miles and Miss Dana

Sophia is all the bees knees as a girl in the 4’s this year!  The leaders of the pre-school pack baby!  She and Miss Julia will rock it out this year, I’m sure!

Sophia and Miss Julia

See – no tears!  They had a great day and while I spent my morning organizing coupons and grocery shopping for a big neighborhood playdate I am hosting tomorrow I swear that on Friday I will nap.  Maybe for the whole morning.

Because I must celebrate my awesome kids and their independent spirits as well as my own mini Independence time in the mornings!

Have your kids started school?  Do you have any big plans for those precious hours?  Do your kids like it?  I would love to hear your school experiences!

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  • Perfect title and my favorite photo is the 1st. Tell that baby a 15min nap does not earn a passing grade. 😉

  • I HAD to laugh reading about Violet, because it sounds like she’s a GO-GO-GETTER just like her mommy!! Too funny!

    Your kids are seriously the cutest little schmoopykins! So precious!
    Julie recently posted… Snack Attack 1- Strawberry Lemonade PopsiclesMy Profile

  • Love their Independence Day pose! Too cute. My children are also complete social butterflies. They had their first day at a new school this week and immediately upon getting home started counting the hours until they could go back – it helps that they are not doing any work and the only homework that comes home is homework for me!

  • AZLB says:

    love the photos!!! The first one is just great. Isn’t it wonderful when they love their teachers and their first day. Mine just said her prayers tonight and said she was thankful for her teacher. Heart. Love.
    AZLB recently posted… Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  • Kat @ says:

    I KNEW this would be a post about their first DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!

    Dream COME TRUE! My kids started last week. I, too, send my children (only started w/my 3rd… sending them early, that is….) AS SOON AS THEY’LL TAKE them. Luckily, I have my work as an excuse… And, my blog, of course.

    I am FINALLY catching up on Work deadlines that I missed ALL summer long. I’d LOVE to restructure my blog a bit and start focusing instead of JUST reacting to everything !! Meanwhile, I LOVE all of your kids’ names… I didn’t know them until now!

    ENJOY THE DAY, Brittany!!

    • Brittany says:

      Haha how is July 4th Independence Day??? Not for mommies! We had tons of fun with fireworks but I just needed the break! And I know – I am literally just starting to catch up on the summer work deadlines and follow up from BlogHer and everything. It’s going to take awhile!

      I am restructing my blog too. Would love to chat sometime about my ideas and see whay you think!

  • Candice says:

    I LOVE how excited they are to go to school!! I hope Nate is like that.

    And I feel your pain about the no napping thing. Nate isn’t a fan either (we call him No Nap Nate, although that isn’t entirely accurate since he will sleep for 45-60 mins if you hold him or 10-15 mins if you put him down, always the dilemma).
    Candice recently posted… Keeping Nate Busy and HappyMy Profile

    • Brittany says:

      If Nate really doesn’t nap either then we are so in the same boat and I think he will like school – just get him comfortable with some other people sooner rather than later. All my kids went early and we have tons of playdates and some might judge my decision to release them to pre-school as soon as possible but I think it’s good for all of us. For us – it works!

      • Candice says:

        Well, people shouldn’t be judging other people’s parenting, first of all. Okay, we all do it, but you really can’t know someone else’s kids well enough to know what they need. I happen to be a huge fan of daycare/preschool. I have people say to me all the time right now how good it is that we’re able to avoid daycare. And, yeah, I’m glad he’s not in it yet b/c I’d prefer he be 6 mths or more, but their implication is that he shouldn’t ever be in it. Meanwhile, I think what they learn there is invaluable, especially socially. You have to do what works for you, like you said! 🙂
        Candice recently posted… To My Dear ApartmentMy Profile

  • How wonderful, it looks like take two went a lot better. My husbands two boys were already 10 and 6 when we got together, so i’m not sure if they napped. but Mine did not, at about 5 months she would wake up in the morning and be awake until bed time, how funny she was also a jumper, we had a jumper that hung from the door jam.
    SoniaBarton recently posted… Recycle Jacket into a purseMy Profile

  • So glad they’re social, plus those dynamic personalities sure help to make that preschool transition go well. My twins always had each other in class which really helped a lot. Now they’re in 2nd grade and in separate classes. It’s good for them now to figure out who they are without the watchful eye of the other.

    You should definitely carve out some time for yourself. You really need a break! Great photos.
    Grateful Twin Mom recently posted… I Want What I Want When I Want It – the 7-year-old versionMy Profile

  • That’s a lot of personality, there! They’re adorable. As for Miss Violet, I can sympathize. Miss D. only took these little 15-20 “chicken naps” during the day and I thought I was going to go bonkers!

  • Bryna says:

    Seriously? Could your kids be any cuter in those shots??? Love it! And love that they love school.

    I think Nola will be the same way next week when she goes to Pre-K. 🙂

    • Brittany says:

      I hope Nola will it is so wonderful to see them having such a wonderful time and being excited. I know they are always fine even when you leave them crying but its so much easier when they are happy!

  • I love your children, each one has their own personality, you must be a pretty rockin’ momma, perhaps someday our paths will cross. Enjoy your time with little ball of energy Violet. I can’t imagine mine going to school 🙁
    MommyB Knows Best recently posted… Tooth Fairy DVD ReviewMy Profile

  • How true it is! We just celebrated our independence day this week too… my little one is just turning two, so she is still home but having my stir-crazed 5 yr old in school full time- is awesome! Hes happy and socializing and when he is happy, I am happy.. Win, win… win, win.

    PS- Your kids are too too cute! Love the matching outfits.

    • Brittany says:

      Yes! I’ve got all three in there in the mornings so Win for me and three for them – 4 wins! I wasn’t sure Miles was ready last year but after the first few days of sobbing when Sophia jumped out of the car I put him in the toddler program and he LOVED it! With the nursery they take the babies on a big walk in the morning and then they all play inside and take naps and it is perfect for me to have a little morning break. Thanks for the kiddo compliment! It won’t be long before they refuse to wear anything I pick so I’m taking it while I can!

  • Amy says:

    Oh, Nola was an all day jumper too–except only in my arms—she did NOT want to be put down. So I completely get the need for a break for sanity’s sake. Still haven’t gotten it, but there is always hope!!! I love the school pics. Nola won’t start until she is three but I am already looking forward to it! A few hours to myself too, well, most likely, clean the house.

  • Oh, those faces! Your kids are just precious!!

  • First, those are adorable photos! And second, I can’t believe you went 2 days early! That is toooo funny!

    Good for you that you get all THREE to go to school for 3 hrs! That is awesome! My 4 yr old starts preschool tomorrow but my 2 yr old is still home – along with 5 others that I watch daily!

    Enjoy your time alone!
    Kasey recently posted… Amazing Labor Day WeatherMy Profile

  • Those pictures are so cute! I love how excited they are, and what good buddies they seem to be.
    Unplanned Cooking recently posted… When are you happiestMy Profile

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