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By February 25, 2012Tech

I almost chose discombobulated as my word for 2012. With 1 husband, 3 kids, 2 blogs with another on the way and too many activities to count, it feels like I am running in a million directions. I am all about trying to find a way to simplify my life and I had all these great ideas. Ideas I would never have time to complete! Woe was me!

If you manage your home and family like I do, you are the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Memory Officer, the Healthcare Director and the Social Media Coordinator.  Who can do all that without help?

Well, help is on its way!

I got an email telling me about a brand new version of AboutOne with Acorn Points and asking if I would consider writing a sponsored post.  I checked it out and squealed. So, this is sponsored but read on because I literally cannot wait to try it out.  This online organizer is going to rock my world when it comes out and I think it could be perfect for you, too.  As awesome as getting organized will be, we will also get paid to get our lives in order with Acorn Points!  After I read what this site is going to do for me, I signed up right away and sent it to my friends because to get people squealing like I am, AboutOne is offering $10,000 to some lucky person who signs up 3 friends! $5K for you and $5K for a friend.  Suhweet!

Here’s the little golden gift acorns.  I can’t wait to play this organization game.


So, why am I squealing? What looks so great AboutOne?

Two words. Calendar Sync.  I have read more tutorials trying to get my Outlook and my google and my iphone calendars to play nice and nothing really works.  Things get mixed up, deleted or just missed.  AboutOne will sync from any of my calenders and display my chaotic life all in one place.  More than that, all those calendars will be part of this online home management system so everything will be together in one place, finally.  Just as cool, this calendar will also play nice with your contacts and all of your information should live happily ever after.  And when there is a birthday a little pop up will ask you if you want to send a card or note or click on a little gift to send a present!  I need this!

Auto Insurance

Could anyone else use a financial assistant?  With AboutOne we will be able to easily store all our financial information and even our receipts by simply scanning them with our smartphones!  With all this data, AboutOne will put together reports on our spending, our homes and our healthcare expenses and put them into easy to read reports.  Hello, it is tax time and I only wish I had something like this now!  I will be putting all my receipts in now and will no longer worry about keeping up with my home projects or other expenses.

Mobile ReceiptAre you responsible for knowing everything about everyone in your home?  I am no doctor or teacher by trade, but I have enough reports and insurance stuff to sink a ship.  Guess what?  AboutOne will import and organize it for us!  And all that information can be used at tax time, sure, or for filing claims, but it can also be used to generate reports on your kids and their allergies for a babysitter, for instance!  I always make babysitter forms, but this just seems so much easier.

Babysitter Report

Of course, you can also store all of your auto and home documents as well and AboutOne will have cool reports for you there too!  You can pull up your home report and see the maintenance and improvements you have stored and again, all the professionals you have worked with can be added to these projects and rated!  You know I just started a home blog, right?  I am writing weekly home maintenance tasks and creating a calendar for all of us to keep our homes in shape as well as documenting our own projects!  I can’t wait for these home reports!

Home Report

AboutOne knows how precious your memories are AND that you might want to share some!  You can upload and store artwork, text, photos and video and share what you like, when you like!  AboutOne is connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked in as well as photosharing sites like Flickr and Picasa!  I love that I can keep memories organized and know that they are safe here.  You can even make photo memory books!

It is so Pretty!  I am the first one to admit I hate an ugly site and un-formatted documents.  AboutOne is committed to formatting your information into useful reports, family newsletters or books so that they are not only useful but good looking!

Bank Level Security, Baby!  Perhaps the most important feature of any site where you upload private documents is how secure that site is.  Your information is completely private and protected with bank level security.  Phew!

AboutOne is About Me! and You!

I am being totally honest when I say that if this does even half of what it promises, it will be a godsend for me and my family.  Every feature is something I have looked for and not found a good option.  It’s all me and my family all in one place.  Finally.

I loved this little video by Carly Knobloch of  She plays all the roles we play as a mom and it is super cute. Check it out to see some of the cool features and sign up for AboutOne!

Head over to AboutOne and sign up to be notified when this new resource goes live.  Then share it with your friends and hope that you win some moolah.  If you don’t win, you can be consoled by your awesome new organization assistant and all those acorn points you can earn by getting your life in order!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by AboutOne. My squealing is all my own and even with no moolah I would probably yell from the mountaintop about how awesome this looks.

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