There is Nothing Like a Good Night’s Sleep

By December 30, 2012Campaigns

I used to think a whole night out was like the very best thing ever.  Then I had kids and regularly had whole nights up that didn’t feel so wonderful.  In my youth, nights like that were followed by days on the couch watching marathons of My So Called Life or Ally McBeal or 90210.  Now, long nights are followed by early mornings and days full of activity.  You know, keeping the littles alive and happy is a lot of work!

I value sleep more than ever before.  Sleep for me, sleep for them.  The more sleep the better!

The past year and a half I have been working with Serta and oh how wonderful it has been.  We have what I consider to be the best beds out there.  The little people sleep through the night.  We all love our iComfort beds.  Just as important, I love Serta as a company.  I had the opportunity to visit their headquarters last year and see how they make the beds we buy and how they take care of their employees and customers.  I was very impressed.  This is a company that really cares about their product and about people.  It is a company that I can stand behind.

As my time working with Serta draws to a close for this year, I just wanted to let you know that Serta is awesome and their beds are rocking our world to sleep.

Serta Sleeps Awesome

I can’t say it enough.  I tell everyone. I love this bed.  Instead of writing it again, here I am in my bed telling you about it.  Now you can see just how cool it is!

 Serta Gives Back

The fight against cancer can’t have too much support.  Serta gives to the City of Hope.  So far 7,000 people have adopted a Serta Sheep to benefit this foundation.  We have ours in honor of my two aunts, who lost their lives to this terrible disease.  Go ahead, get your sheep!

The Serta Sheep are fantastic

I have always loved the commercials and we left Serta headquarters with a bunch of the adorable little guys.  I totally appreciate marketing that doesn’t make me want to switch the channel.  Crabby Sheep #1 and all his buddies and those little babies have me hooked!

Serta Gives Away a Lot of Mattresses!

There is just one day left to enter the Serta Holiday Wish List Pinterest contest so get on it!  Mattresses, pillows…it is all kinds of awesome and you could win!

Serta Makes My Kids Happy

I have a lot of wishes and hopes for the next year.  One thing I will remain committed to is getting more and better sleep.  It makes the whole day a heck of a lot better.  I have been blessed to work with Serta this year and I can tell you that it is a class act of a company with a stellar product. If you aren’t sleeping well or just think it is time for a new bed, please do yourself a favor and check out Serta!

If you ever have any questions on sleep or mattresses or Serta, feel free to ask and I will find the perfect person to answer you.

Now, sleep tight!

Disclosure: I have been working with Serta and my family received mattresses.  All opinions are my own and those of my kids.

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