Then and Now. Still a bit Hip…pie.

I found myself in high school.  I can honestly say that I liked the girl I was.  I loved my friends.  I was comfortable in my own skin.  I was happy.  The funny this is, I am pretty sure the big changes that happened to me were mostly environmental.  I found a new environment, I decided I loved it, and my life changed.

I went to boarding school in 9th grade at Northfield Mount Hermon and I adored it.  It is a school in Massachusetts.  It is a prep school that is anything but preppy.  Like the town I lived in, Amherst, Northfield was more crunchy than preppy and it fit me to a tee.

I loved the free spirits I met there and the artistic community was amazing.  Sure, it was high school so I played sports and went to classes and got an education.  More than the classes though, I met kids from around the world and I found friends who will always have a place in my heart and at the end of the day, I found me.

I had to leave Northfield at the end of my Sophomore Year when my family moved to New York and, to be honest, some of my friends got into trouble and my parents were concerned.  I get it.  We all got a little crazy and broke some rules.  It wasn’t just because we got in trouble though.  My dad was going to work at a Christian private school on Long Island that was worlds away from my new life.  As a faculty child I would have free tuition.  My transfer was not up for discussion.

I know I found myself because I did not change this time. In a very conservative environment, I remained free and liberal.  I kept my bells and my Birkenstocks and found a wonderful group of friends.  I was still involved in sports and spent most of my time in the theater.  And butting heads with teachers over differences in opinion.  To this day I love a good debate. And my high school friends. And the theater. And my Birkenstocks.  I have my Bostons on now.

I don’t have a great prom picture to share with you because we didn’t go to prom.  We went camping.  I have no recollection of how we got parental permission for this, but let me tell you…it was awesome.

So, this is me.  Circa 1996.  In the spring just a month before high school graduation.

Brittany Senior

I have less wrinkles. I don’t have giant bags under my eyes. I have a husband and three kids. But yo!  I’m still that girl.

Oh, but my part is now to the left and not in the center.  I sort of wish it was in the center.  But my hair has almost always hated me.  That is why I am addicted to barrettes now.

And I think flowers are still really pretty in hair.  Also a wrinkle distraction.

I just giggled because I am now a little bit hippie who is actually, physically, a lot more hippie that I was back then too.  Them babies really did a number on WAY more than just my tummy.

Hey, all the better to shake it.

I still break out in random awesome, awful, incredible dance moves.  All the time.  Some day my kids will hate me for it.  But they will SO be laughing inside.

So, here’s me now.  Well, last weekend.  We went hiking to find a wildflower field.  It was awesome.

Brittany 2012

I am competing for the haven’t changed since high school.  I mean, sure, you can barely see my eyes through the black circles under them but look closely and you’ll see the same old me!

Of course, this contest simply did not go back far enough.  I figured I would give you something to laugh about.  This is me, hair sprayed bangs and all, in 8th grade.  I believe my earrings and my scrunchie and my shirt and my belt totally match.  Also, that skirt is short.  I spared you,  the shoes match too.  Holy crap was I cool.

Brittany 1990

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