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Do you hate checking bags as much as I do? Do you love having a pocket for everything? Does it kill you when your bag falls over? Do you like the choice between plain old black and something with a little more style?

I may have just the bag for you, because I am sort of in LOVE with this little green beauty from eBags.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to luggage.  I mean, usually I’ve got my bag and husband and 3 kids and 2 car seats to keep track of.  My bag needs to work for me.  I mean work hard.  This baby needs a sweat band and some leg warmers because she definitely works it.

eBags Motherlode TLS Mini

The Mother Lode Rocks as a Carry On

Before I get to the awesome stuff, you must know that the Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ is made to be carry on luggage.  Smile with me. It won’t be your bag lost.  You will have clean undies and your toothbrush! The Mother Lode is made to be a carry on that fits a lot of stuff.  Because you may stuff this little gem to the gills, eBags has provided you with a rolling handle that adjusts so you can find the right balance for your height and the weight of the bag.  Being 5’2″ and and an over-packer I appreciate this.  There is also a soft handle on the top as well as the front of the bag.  If you look at the bottom of the bag the front rest is actually a handle too.  This makes it easy to hoist that lovely bag right up out of the depths of your minivan or trunk and easily stuff it into the tiny remaining space in the carry on compartment.  I’m pretty sure the angels of short people are rejoicing.

Most bags falls over when stuffed.  The weight gets all wrong and over she goes!  Well, the eBag Mother Lode has a solution.  When the bag arrives there are two poles that you insert into pockets on the front that provide the extra support a bag needs.  Here’s a little peek.  They were easy to install and make a big difference.  The bag stands up with a lot or a little in it.  I call them the genius bars for a reason.

eBag Mother Lode Genius BarPack Away with Pockets Galore

I love to put things in other things that hold them there.  In my home, bins, boxes and containers rule my world.  In a suitcase, it is all about pockets and my ability to keep everything in its place and get to it easily.  You know, like when you have to pull out your sundries and hopefully not your undies for security at an airport.  Yeah, it’s all about the pockets.

eBags PocketsLet’s start from the top left, shall we?  Here we have two mesh pockets perfect for your underthings and socks and maybe a jewelry case.  Anything small that you don;t want flying around can go here.  These pockets were actually large enough to fit my hair dryer, so you could stuff quite a bit in them if need be.

Then there is what eBags calls the forehead pocket.  It is right at the top of the bag and is great for stuff you need to have available without digging or stuff that needs to be easily put somewhere while on the plane.  Gloves, hats, that charger you can’t love without.  I really like having an easy access pocket.

The suitcase can be all one big carry on or divided into two sections.  I really like dividing it because that front section is totally free for my work stuff and anything that needs to come out for the nice people in security.  So there is a large pocket here that fits my laptop and my kindle and my iPad and my folders.

The small mesh pocket in this area is great for any extra stuff you have.  I might put my journal and echo pen in there one day and my chargers the next or maybe the book I am reading.  It is big and easy to get to!

Finally there is a lovely pocket right on the front of the bag for your boarding pass and itinerary and any other documents you may need in the airport.

Could you ask for any more pockets?

Plenty of Room for a Trip

I easily packed this bag for a 3 day trip with room to spare!  2 pairs of pants, a skirt, 3 shirts, a sweater, a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of heels, a cute purse, my dob kit and bras and undies.  Plus, I packed my laptop, my iPad, my Kindle Fire and had more than enough room to throw in a book or 2 and my work folders. I would save that little mesh pocket accessible from the outside for the liquids in a plastic bag so you can access them without entering your undie area.  I loved having the divider in the suitcase and found the whole packing experience enjoyable with all the room and pockets.  If you love to really stuff it in there, the Mother Lode does come with extra zip out space.  It looked like about 2-3 inches of extra height when zipped out!

Mother Lode Packed

The Little Things that Matter a Lot

eBags thought of everything here.  I am really impressed.  The panel between the two parts rolls up to create one huge area.  The divider lets you plan your packing the way you want to and helps to balance the weight of the suitcase.  There are 2 buckles on each side that help to ease pressure on the zippers and a little clip that pops out of the top to attach an extra bag.  There is also an internal name card that does not hang off the bag but is accessed on the inside.  Details are not viewable by the general public but if your bag were ever lost, someone could find you.  Every compartment has a double zipper so if you are so inclined, you can lock this whole thing up like Fort Knox!  Huzzah!

Mother Lode FeaturesColor Me Happy

This radical bag comes in 5 cool colors.  Who wants to search for a black bag if you do check luggage? Or have someone accidentally take your bag off the plane?  And really, why be boring when color is so much fun!  My son Miles chose the green and we all love it!  If you aren’t for the color of leaves, take your pick!  Oooh, purple! Of course, if you have to be stodgy for work or something, they offer black.  Be warned though, it is still the awesome color of orange on the inside.  Just because you should smile more.

Mother Lode RainbowWhere You Can Find the eBags Mother Lode

It’s easy!  Head on over to the eBags site and check out the TLS line.  The suitcase I am in love with is the Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ Wheeled Duffel.  It retails for $189.99 but is on sale for $151.99 with free shipping!  For a bag that will do so much, I think this is a good price.  The entire Bags by eBags line up is awesome so stay tuned because I will be reviewing some other items as we start our summer travel!

Disclosure: I received the Mother Lode as part of a campaign with Mom Spark Media and eBags.  All opinions are my own.

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