The Princess and the Pea and Fairy Tales…and a Cat

By November 3, 2010My Life

I can’t believe how mush she’s grown and how little her love of fairy tales and fairies has changed.

When she was just 5 weeks old Sophia was a happy Pea in a Pod.  No I did not put her under a mattress to see if I could feel her.  I’m not that kind of ruler.

When she was 1 she was a Rose Colored Fairy.

When she was 2 she picked a Kitty Cat…but in the end she was not very happy with that choice.

She knew what she wanted by 3 and chose to be Princess Rapunzel.  I think she thought it would make her hair grow.

And this year my first baby girl was Silvermist, a magical water fairy.  As I watched her walk on the same street she had years before as a fairy I got a little weepy.

Then I wondered if her Halloween’s would be stuck in Fairy Tales forever….

Will she ever want to do a funny costume with me?

Probably not.

So next year if she asks me again, I will be the Queen and make her proud of her fairy tale mom.

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