The Perfect Hour for a Babysitter

By November 20, 2010Marriage

I don’t know how I missed this in the past 4 years of being a parent.  Usually the babysitter comes within an hour of bedtime and we pay for her to put the kids to bed and sit around watching T.V.  I mean, whenever we come home the babysitter is watching T.V. and I know my kids’ bedtimes so this conclusion was not hard to come to.  It sort of feels like we are throwing away money.  Yes, we love to get out of the house sans kids, but sleeping children are wonderful and free when you are home to enjoy it!

Anyway, tonight the wonderful Janice came at 4 p.m.  All the kids were wide awake and ready for 4 hours of play until bedtime.  I got tired just thinking about it.  I kissed them all and walked out of the house thinking I don’t have to do playtime, dinner, playtime, jammies, teeth brushing, books or betime.  I love alll these things but a break was more than needed. 

We got to see The Social Network, spend a moment wishing we were 26 year old billionaires, have dinner at a fabuluous restaurant and top of the evening with a beer at our neighborhood pub.

4 hours.  A date.  With zero wasted hours. It was early but perfect.

We came home.  I nursed Violet and she fell asleep in my arms.  I put her to bed without a wimper. Not a peep people!

You would think that now might be romance time.

That would be great but as it turns out this whole early date was due to Ross requesting attendance at dice night at a friend’s house at 8:30.  Not so romantic but hey…it taught us the perfect time to have date, just the two of us.

And that is worth him leaving me to roll dice with some dudes and possibly lose our money.

This time.

Now we see the beauty of this arrangement and next time if he requests a post date hall pass, I will just say “No Dice”.

I’m the wife.  I get to do that.

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