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These days everyone is asking me if we have a name picked out for this baby girl in my belly.  The answer is no, if I did I think the world would know since I can’t keep my mouth shut about anything, as you may have noticed.  We have some ideas floating around, but in this house it ain’t so easy to name a baby.  I am always so curious when I hear kids’ names where they come from and why they were blessed with their particular identifier.  I love getting to know all my bloggin’ mommy friends so I thought I would put together a little quiz meme to find out more about your naming strategies.

Here is the Lowdown on this Name Game:  Names are important.  Your kids’ names were chosen for a particular reason and they mean a lot to you so this would be a great story to share!  If you don’t share your kids’ names on your blog you can just tell us where you got the catchy nickname for your little ones or just go through 1-10 and amuse us with your naming antics!  No problemo!  Copy the image above to use on your blog.   Go ahead and answer the questions and then pass this Name Game and the simple instructions on to 5 other bloggy moms or dads who you think might want to share their story!  Make sure to let me know so I can follow the Name Game!

p.s. If I don’t know you are here I can’t tag you or give you the comment love so feel free to take this meme and let me know so I can see your story too!

I can’t wait to get to know you all better!

1.  Do you have any cultural or religious naming traditions?

Oh boy.  In a word, yes.  I am a Christian of Swedish descent and my husband is a Jew of Dutch descent.  I had to give up my tradition for his in this case.  These interfaith marriages are hard work baby, let me tell you!  In Sweden it was customary to give first born children a name which reflected both their father and mother.  This was not going to work for us.  You see, Ashkenazi Jews (descending from Germany or Eastern Europe) name babies after deceased relatives but never after living relatives.  They have a belief, or superstition, that the Angel of Death might be easily confused and come for your new baby instead of the older relative you were honoring.  Jews also just don’t really like, for the most part, the idea of naming sons after fathers and having Ross I, Ross II, Ross III.  I am sort of there because it just seems confusing!  Ross has a big and close family. This took a LOT of names of the table – many names that I love.

Also, because of the Judaism our kids needed Secular and Hebrew names and they have a baby naming  (for girls) or Bris (for boys) to give the child this Hebrew name at 8 days old.  Yes, this is an event when you have just birthed a baby with guests and food and everything.  Whew – a lot of thinking and planning!  Thank God for the Jewish Deli here in town!  At some point I will post on how we planned both our interfaith wedding and 2 interfaith baby ceremonies in case any of you, like me, are combining and choosing traditions!

2.  Did you or your partner come to the marriage with pre-selected names?

Yes.  I knew what I would name my first daughter since I was in high school.  The Angel or Death would have had to take my baby over my dead body for this one if someone else had already used it.  Thank God Ross liked it.

3.  Did you consider the sound of the first and middle and last names together? Did this make any sad eliminations?

Yes.  I am easily disturbed if things don’t sound good so I repeat my baby names over and over like a crazy person.  My last name starts with a V and has 4 syllables so it is a real pain in the ass to find names that work!  This go around we may have to eliminate my top name contender unless I can find the perfect one syllable middle name that my husband does not veto.

4.  Do you have veto powers?

Yes, as stated above.  However, this did not apply to the name I had pre-selected.  Again, over my dead body.

5.  Did the baby naming cause arguments?

At a minimum heated discussion.  This time around is the worst.  Does he not hear what he is suggesting?  Ugh!

6.  Do you think it is easier to name boys or girls?

Girls.  Hands down.   I seriously thought my baby boy might come home from the hospital without a name.

7.  Did you eliminate names because of people from your past or present who you don’t like or because a certain image comes to mind.

Yes.  No names, of course, but yes!

8.  Did you / would you survey your children to get their thoughts on the name?

Me, no.  Ross, yes.  I have had to explain why we are not naming our daughter princess or Ruby (because it rhymes with boobie) or Cinderella or Annie (my middle name is Anne – that darn Angel of Death again).

9.  Did you tell people the name or possibler names before the baby was born or were they “in the vault”?

We told people with the first 2 kids but I am not sure with this one.  One of the names we like is kind of funky and I am under the impression that if we wait until the baby has the actual name and is born our lovely friends and family will be less likely to comment.

10.  Did you use baby name books?

Yes!  I have to know what names mean and I love naming traditions and meanings etc.  I may keep my books after I am done birthing babies just so I can look up what other people’s names mean.  Besides the standard name books with a majillion names alphabetically listed my favorite naming book is Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana:  What to Name Your Baby Now.  It is funny and groups all the names into categories like sturdy or feminine or Exotic.  It also has sections on one and two syllable names – which I always flip through!

Drumroll Please…What did you name your kids and why? See – if you don’t share your names it’s okay you can still share your crazy story with 1-10!

Names Sophie Miles

Our first Baby Girl

Sophia was my forever name.  I wish I was named Sophia.  In Hebrew this name is Bina, meaning wisdom, understanding, insight and prudence.   From the ceremony:  She was given this name not only for its beauty but because we believe that knowledge is the key to so many doors in this world.  Knowledge and understanding open our heads and our hearts to God and to people around the world. However different they are from us.  We gave our daughter this name because we value these qualities so highly.

Elise is a beautiful name and reminds me of soft and wonderful things like Edelweiss, one of my favorite songs – seriously.  This is also the place where we chose to honor Sophia’s great grandmother, Elizabeth “Billie” Cutler.  She sewed clothing for Andy Warhol.  Elise is a variant of the name Elizabeth.  We hope that she can have the kind of artistry and creativity that both her grandmother (who is an artist) and her great grandmother were blessed with.  From the ceremony ELISHEVA is the Hebrew from of this name, meaning God is My Oath, Gods Promise, and Consecrated to God.  As an interfaith couple it is important that this name reminds us that Sophia is with us because of God’s great works and that despite our many struggles Sophia and both sides of her family and her future siblings are all part of God’s promise and are all consecrated to him as our true father.

Our First Baby Boy

Miles is just a rockin’ name and come on Mr. Miles Davis is the King of Cool!  We loved this name and found out that it means both soldier from the old German and merciful in Latin.  GIDEON is from the Hebrew, meaning mighty warrior and feller of trees.  From the ceremony: We chose this name to honor my brother Graham, a warrior himself, who volunteered for the Army after high school and fought in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea to protect and create freedom for others.  We also wanted to honor Ross’ family heritage and remember the Jewish people, who battled for so long and lost so many while fighting to keep their faith through the very worst of times.  We hope that Miles will grow to be a strong man who is willing to fight for what he believes in as Gideon did for God when he was called on to free the people of Israel and condemn their worship of idols.  We hope that our son will fight to make this world a better place.

Henry is a strong name for a boy and it should be – it mean home ruler! We just loved this name.  Unfortunately the Hebrew equivalent for Henry is not one I liked so we chose ASHER for his Hebrew middle name, meaning blessed or fortunate.  This is what we said at the ceremony.  We could not be more blessed to have this new little boy in our lives or consider ourselves more fortunate to have two happy and healthy children and a wealth of friends and family to share our joy.  At the same time, we hope that Miles Henry, our Gideon Asher, will be blessed wherever he is, through all his comings and goings, for all the days of his life.

Passing on the Name Game – Tag!

I am passing on this Name Game to some fabulous mommies!

Speaking From the Crib:  Happy Birthday Ann Claire! This mommy is super funny and has two little names to tell us about.  She is great!  And p.s.  I could not use the names Ann or Claire!  I love them both though!

Chase and More!: Mer has 2 kids, Trent and Chase.  Trent is the awesome bog brother.  Chase is 6 months old now and has Down Syndrome.  Mer is the awesome mommy blogger who writes about her family and her experiences raising baby Chase – who is as cute as a button!

Adventures in Babywearing:  Steph is awesome and has great stories on her family’s adventures and advice on baby wearing, which I am a HUGE fan of.  Shout out her to Ergo Baby and Hotsling.  She is also a stellar baby namer – with 3 boys named Noah, Carter and Grayson and a baby girl named Ivy LaRue.  Noah was one of our almost names for Miles and Ivy – umm let’s just say I have this on a short list of names that I will use if we can change our last name.  Come on Steph – tell us the story!

Theta Mom: Heather does not share the name but I bet she has a great story and she is a great bloggy friend so check her out!

OMG Pregnant: I love reading this blog and the baby is due next month.  Wonder what kind of conversations they are having?  I am sure it will be funny even if we get no name because the Mr. and Mrs. over there are a stitch!

Absolutely Bananas:  Jen is great and truly funny and sometimes has the same luck as me which is not much.  HaHa.  Check her out and giggle with her family of J’s.  Jen, Jay and CJ!

Here’s to our names and those of our kids and learning more about each other!

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