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I see lots of people hating on Legos.  Woe the toe that steps on one of those razor sharp edges.  Mourn the vacuum that is destroyed when a small block invades.  Bemoan the fact that 99% of the pieces are choking hazards.  If it can fit through a toilet paper roll, it is a choking hazard.  Comfort the wallet when it realizes that these tiny blocks don’t come cheap…at all.

I thought I would be in the legions of parents sharing both my child’s Lego love and my own misadventures with the blocks.

Lego Monster Fighters

I forgot I have a Miles.  Or maybe I didn’t know what having a Miles meant.  No matter how much he plays with them and how many battles are raged against the monsters, each and every piece is put back in place and he arranges the sets in a very precise manner.  Little dude is 4.  Crazy!

I don’t step on Legos and the vacuum doesn’t eat Legos because Miles would never leave them on the floor.  My kids don’t choke because while they might kill themselves falling off something they climb, they have never stuck things in their mouths.  I do share my wallet’s concern that this is a toy with no stopping point and escalating talent means pretty steep prices.  Miles is gonna have to get a job.  So he’s 4. Once the holidays have come and gone that boy is going to need to finance his own Lego habit.

He is now rocking sets for ages 12 and up and I sent out a desperate email to my neighbors asking if any of their kids were selling Harry Potter or Star Wars sets.  No good on the Star Wars but we scored a great deal (for Legos, that is) on a ton of Harry Potter.  It should have taken him weeks and weeks to build these monster sets, if at 4 he could build them at all.  Nope, in just about a week he built them, with help from me in sorting some of the Diagon Alley since the pieces came in one huge bag.  I was a little shocked and a LOT impressed.  What does being an expert Lego builder make you?  Clearly he can follow directions.  Hand eye coordination is good.  Attention to detail is rocking.  Go ahead, suggest a career path.

Harry Potter Legos

Miles can be somewhat high strung, but since discovering Legos he has something that keeps him calm for hours.  I mean hours.  He has a little process where we pour the pieces he needs for each part (Legos come with instructions in multiple parts) onto a cookie sheet so he doesn’t lose the pieces.  Then he starts building.  He asks me to help with very small stickers and at the end of each part he asks me to check his progress.  He used to want no help whatsoever until he built half of Two-Face’s car backwards because he was confused by the orange and purple. He says it makes him really happy to build.  That just makes me really happy.  Watching his chubby fingers manipulate the tiny blocks just plain makes me proud.

My little man has moved on to Star Wars and has begun selling any and all toys again to keep up his habit.  He only has a couple ships and he thinks the Star Wars minfigs are all kinds of awesome.  I totally have to agree.  He plays with his couple ships and the Neat-Oh Millenium Falcon Zip Bin that the company sent us.  It is the perfect place for him to store his minifigs and act out whatever scenes he wants and when we travel, it is great to hold all the pieces from the small sets he inevitably brings with or buys to build during quiet times.  The zip bin is $19.99 and would make a great gift for the Star Wars Lego lover in your life.  It also may keep some of those pesky pieces off the floor.  Win!

Neat-Oh! Lego Zip Bin

I suppose you can imagine what went on his holiday list this year?  Legos and pizza.  He’s not a great eater so I am assuming he was protesting the more traditional holidays meals with the second request.  The family went in together and he will be getting one big gift from everyone.  Once he opens it he will be in his own Lego world for quite some time.  We are going to have to limit Lego time like people do technology time.  Little man is getting the Monster Fighters Haunted House.  Biggest present ever for a 4 year old.  I started to feel guilty, but this is the first thing he has really been into so we splurged.

Lego Monster Fighter Haunted House2,064 pieces.  Ages 14+. For the little boy who loves Legos with the mom who knows he will really freaking love this gift from basically the whole family.  My little man is going to meet his Lego match with this one!

So, do you Lego?  How do you do Lego?

Disclosure: The awesome Neat-Oh! company sent me the Star Wars Millenium Zip Bin.  I am barely allowed to touch it while Miles is around.  No one really touches his minifigs without a very unhappy little boy.  He gives it a million stars.  He was totally not paid to say that.  We love it.

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  • Sunshine says:

    What? I cannot believe there has been no Lego love in the comments section! Well I am here to rectify that! 😉

    My GIRLS (9 & 7) are Lego fanatics. They are totally into the “Friends” line, but just as happy with any of the other sets not targeted to girls. Legos always top the birthday and Christmas lists around here. For my girls, they really like the creative outlet building something from their own imaginations. They will follow the instructions and always save them for future use, but they really seem to shine when they are just building on their own (maybe future engineers or architects?).

    I don’t know what is available in your area, but here there are whole Lego clubs where the kids get together, build, and share their creations. I bet Miles would get a kick out of meeting other kids with the same addiction.

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