The Kids Milked Me

By June 16, 2010Parenting

I would never let my husband do this in a million years.  I mean absolutely never.   I never thought I would let anyone do it, but this morning that all changed.  I let my kids milk me. 

I was using a hand pump to get a little milk for baby Violet for her morning nursery time and Sophia asked if she could help.  I said no and she said I told her she could help to give Violet milk when she started using a bottle.  I said you can help with the bottle, not the milking. 

Then she asked me if it was gross?  Well, I do not want my kids to ever think that anything about breastfeeding is gross.  I want them to understand that I make milk for my babies and that I am proud of my commitment to breastfeeding through all of the struggles I have had.  I want them to think that it is totally normal for a mommy to milk herself like a cow.  And so I let her try.   I was muttering inappropriate words in my head.  I mean what the hell was I doing?  Then Miles cried, saying it was his turn.  What the heck…the more the merrier right?   

Both Sophia and Miles successfully milked me.  They were so proud that they made Violet’s milk.  I don’t know if I was proud at the moment as much as relieved it was over.  From now on I will pump a little more privately than in the playroom.

Since it was definitely a first (and hopefully a last) we took pictures! 

Sophia is Pumped!

Proud Pumper

I truly hope you are laughing and not gagging.

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