Children find it so easily.  They open their eyes and run around and are filled with it.  I curl my fingers and tickle their soft skin and they rock with it, their sides splitting with the powerful feeling.   As their feet dangle in the air, their faces shine and their glee spills out, covering me in the exultant joy.

Monkey Glee

Now that I am grown up, it is not so easy.  While my life is full of blessings and joy, glee is made up jubilation and triumph and, in my opinion, sparkles of the spirit.  It is something that is difficult if not impossible to work for.  You have to be open to it.  You have to be able to let go and enjoy a moment fully.  This is an ability I lack these days.  Most grown-ups do.  I am so concerned with safety and sunscreen and being sensible that I end up watching life instead of living it.  Instead of relishing it.

I am letting go a little.  Or a lot.  I am embracing the silly and wonderful child that is in me.

Now, I feel real joy.  I feel pride.  I smile a lot.  I laugh.  I am happy.

But I want that crazy sparkly glee back.  A little glorious…a little mischievous…a lot of awesome.

I am going to stick my head up in the clouds and let some light in.

Up and Away

I will show my kids my glee…all grown up but just as sparkly.

Do you have glee?  Do you feel it?  Or might you need to join me in the clouds for a spell?

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Show me your Glee and get ready for another round.

Next week’s word is Complicated.

I know we all have something to say about that.  Life just ain’t simple.   If you feel as close to this word as I do and want to be the featured post – just let me know!


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