The Crocus is Lovelier than the Groundhog

By February 23, 2011My Life

I suppose we all know that Punxsutawney Phil, that crazy groundhog who has lived for more than 120 years, predicted that spring was coming soon on  a frigid February morning.  I am not much for rodents predicting the weather, but still, I too hoped he was right.

We have been aching for Spring since our trip to Florida, where flowers taunted us with their color and we felt warm sun on our heads.  Sophia stopped to admire and smell the blooms, asking when our flowers would come up.  She said what we all feel, that this winter had been long and hard.  Even in Charlotte, we had a week of snow days and many inside days, where it was too cold for the kids to play outside.  Sophia can’t wait to wear her sundresses without long-sleeves underneath and trade her fuzzy boots for sparkly flip flops.  Neither can I.

Snow White Smells Flowers at Epcot

On Monday,  Sophia had a huge announcement for  the family.  We ran outside on a gorgeous 65 degree day to find the announcement of spring I always wait for.  This tiny white crocus made its debut and with it came visions of tank tops,  tulips, picnics, flip flops and even swimming pools.  Sophia was beaming over her discovery.  She announced that she had found spring!

Crocus Blooms

That groundhog has nothing on my crocus.

Keep the faith my friends, spring is coming.  Mother nature says so.

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