Thank You and Cheers to a Fabulous New Year!

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The Last To-Do’s of 2009

The last 2 techie / bloggy things I absolutely have to do before the official start of my year included purging my email boxes and properly thanking all of the fabulous friends that gave me awards over the past month.  I have been very lax in both departments and this is the post in which I fix one of these two things.  Earlier today I purged the email – ruthlessly.  Man did it feel good.  It also felt good to move a whole host of blog tasks to the New Year and actually organize a timeline for them so I did not have to freak out about them.  This is not procrastination – it is genius!

What felt even better that my email purge was the realization that I have made so many fabulous friends through this blog!  Even better?  The whole idea that people actually read what I have to say and certain of these lovely people have publicly acknowledged their Mommy Words love with an award.  I am floored when I think about it. 

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting and being my friend.  It may sound silly but this blog has helped me through this pregnancy and helps me to be a better mom and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.  Hopefully next year I will meet some of you face to face!  I can’t wait to keep reading and getting to know you!

Now for the Awards

Nancy at If Evolution Works is definitely one of my bloggy besties.  She seriously ROCKS!  She is a web designer and awesome blogger who is always there with a laugh, a smile and tons of advice when I tweet her!  Nancy gave me the I Love Your Blog Award and I just love it so much.

I Love Your Blog Award

Naomi at Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip  rocks!  She gave me The Lovely Blog Award and she so deserved to get it!  She has so much love and so much humor and perspective on raising her 2 boys.

Lovely Blog Award

Existential Waitress gave me the Lemonade Stand Award and she is more than just a kick ass Blog Name.  She is an absolute sweetheart, loves all the same blogs that I do, lives in Las Vegas, and also appreciates sarcasm.  All of these traits make her rock and her blog is great too!

Sarah from The Stoller Ballet (seriously how cute and all I came up with was Mommy Words?) gave me the Lemonade Stand award too and I clearly at this point need to start selling some lemonade out on the stoop!  Thank You!  She is super funny too and has absolutely no sense of direction like me so of course, I heart her and her stroller dancing ways!

Debra from Maddy Brand also gave me the Lemonade Stand Award.  She has a new product called a ote Brush for cleaning bottles and other cans or jars while traveling that you should check out!

Lemonade Stand Award

Mindi’s Part of Meblog is so cute and her family is just adorable.  She gave me the Heartfelt Blogger Award.  How awesome?  I try to share my feelings and this is just such a sweet recognition.   Mindi has had a tough road and she shares her laughter and her tears!  Thanks Mindi!  Her blog address as of Tuesday, January 5, will be here.  Give her new blog design a little love!

Heartfelt Award

I want to thank all of you for thinking of me and giving me these great awards!  I am pumped that you enjoy stopping by Mommy Words and that I am getting to know you!

I would like to pass on the I Love Your Blog Award to a few blogs that I really do love and hope that you will too!

Momalom – Jen and Sarah are sisters and rock and their blog is awesome.  They tell it like it is and they have such great viewpoints.  Jen and Sarah both now have 3 kids as I will have so I read her posts with anticipation and fear and look for tips of course.  They also hosted a half drunk contest where you were challenged to write a daring post (even anonymously and they would publish it and man was that contest great.  I would love to get totally drunk with these chicas and moan celebrate life when you are outnumbered by your kids.  MWAH ladies!  And cheers!

Momisodes – I love her blog.  I love her humor.  I love her writing.  I love her stories and her perspective.  She is a great blogger and you will love reading her words.  And seeing her beautiful photos.  Taken with her new camera which I am SO jealous of.  Oh, and she is pregnant like me.  So I am really getting her right now.  You know I am in the groove.

Vodka Logic – Laura has Vodka in her URL.  I love her.  She writes funny poems and is able to rhyme on a regular basis.  She is impressive.  And she has older kids so I get to have  a sense of all the things I will get to do again one day.  I am hoping she will contribute to the Before I Had Kids posts with a look at what life can be like when these little ones are not only potty trained but fairly self sufficient.  I heart you Laura!  And I heart Vodka.  So of course you get an award!

I’m Just Sayin’…I can’t say much more than Magda is flippin’ hilarious and I absolutely adore her and her blog.  I mean she teels me I look skinny you know?  I’m just sayin’ I am 36 weeks pregnant and this chick makes me feel good about myself!  So head on over and have a laugh!

Finding Trinity– Michelle is so great both at blogging and being a blogging friend.  She is encouraging and funny and warm hearted and she is one smart lady with one cute little girl!

Loulou’s Views– Loulou is a super sweet and funny gal up in Canada raising two adorable little boys and blogging about the ups and downs and all that comes with it!  She is a fun one to follow so check her out!

The Artculate Ramblings of an Attorney-at-Mom – Caroline is a great writer and she tackles a lot of real topics that some days I am just too confused to even begin writing about.  I am working on this, of course.  Caroline has a beautiful little girl she calls Bitlet who is 9 months old.  She is a mom and a lawyer which is impressive and scary ;).  Kust kidding xoxo Caroline and Love your blog!

So go ahead and check out these great blogs.  I have now completed my 2009 list – just one hour before my 2010 will start.  I love to slip in under the wire.   It’s not a great habit but hey – at least things are getting done!

Happy 2010!  To a clean slate and a lot of great blogging friends!  May your year be filled with many blessings.

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