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How to Raise a Tree HuggerMost kids are born with a love for nature.  My kids are no exception.  (This me in the picture above, my kids won’t ever pose in a tree) There is nothing they would rather do than play outside.  They water plants, they pick flowers, they spend hours making birdbaths filled with every color leaf or flower they can find, they play with friends…they are just happy and entertained.  Because they are so young, they love to show me how beautiful things are.  They are right.  The tall trees that shade our street, the tiny buds waiting to bloom, the bright green grass and the clouds in the sky are all gorgeous. We are blessed.

Our Earth is immensely beautiful and while our Earth is strong, it is also fragile.  My kids know what that word means.  Believe me, they know that fragile means breakable.  We say this a lot around here.  We often talk about being careful and respectful in terms of our home and our belongings and of our fellow human beings.  We use the same terms to talk about our planet.

My kids know (as much as a 5,4 and 2 year old can) how to take care of the Earth and they are proud to help protect her.

Here’s how we roll with love for mother nature!

Mother Nature’s Hero

If the Earth is so important, the people who protect it are certainly superheros!  Getting kids excited about being  a superhero or a magical nature fairy (Sophia is 5) makes being Earth friendly fun!  Why not give them a cape and a name and go out to pick up trash?  Taking out the recycling is certainly more fun as The Great and Awesome Protector Man than just a kid taking out the recycling.  It’s just plain cool to clean up and teaching my kids to have fun doing it makes it fun and easy!

R is the Magic Letter

As long as we are singing the alphabet a thousand times a day, we may as well put emphasis on certain letters and talk them up, right?  Well, we teach our kids Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and talk about where we can do these things.  They have a lot of ideas and are great about recycling.  The other R here with small children is Reminding them.  We don’t use paper towels for simple spills, we use a cloth towel because it is reusable.  We turn lights off because we need to reduce the amount of energy we are using.  We turn the water off when we are brushing our teeth to Reduce the amount of water we are using.  The reminders are constant, but they get it.  They now remind me sometimes!

Oh – another R.  Rewards!  Why not add our Eco-friendly tasks to the chart and let them get points for helping out our planet.  That’s right, you turn off lights and water, don’t use wipees or paper towels, wear one outfit a day (saves laundry water you know) and pick up trash and you get stars that are good for money.  Money is always used to buy Playmobil figures around here.

Show them What Happens

We watch all those nature channels all the time.  The kids have seen animals dying due to global warming and the loss of ice.  They know that because of changes on our planet, the poor babies cannot survive and their mothers have no milk.  Yep, we’re fans of poplar bears and penguins.  We watch their faces as they listen and start to understand how important our planet is to animals and to us.  We live in beautiful Charlotte, NC and without showing them what can happen it might be hard to impress upon them how important it is to take action.  It is okay for kids to be sad sometimes.  It is okay for them to see what can happen when we ignore our planet.  When they are sad they ask what we can do to help and it gives us another opportunity to tell them about being a Planet Protector.

Get in the Garden!

Kids love mud and they love flowers and holy moly they love to watch things grow!  This year we planted brussel sprouts, watched them grow, talked about how good it was to grow your own veggies and then we ate them!  Well, to be honest Violet loves them, Miles won;t touch them and Sophia took 10 bucks from our neighbor who bet her she wouldn’t eat a huge one.  It was awesome to have our own veggies and they loved being involved.  This week we planted our entire front gardens and the kids know how much work it is to take care of plants.  They are proud of themselves for watching over the little ones and giving hem water and food.  The more in tune they are with nature, the more they will care.  Also, there is little better for the soul than planting a seed and watching it grow.

Live like the Lorax

The Lorax did not stay silent when he saw his world being destroyed.  We teach our kids about the earth and we tell them it is okay to teach their friends.  It is okay to talk about the planet and encourage others to love it as much as they do.  If we do not use or voices, things cannot change.  While we do not ever offend others by criticizing a plastic water bottle, we can tell people that we like to have our own water bottles because we are trying to have less trash and recycling every week.  Get it?  We can share when we have an opportunity and start making a difference in other people’s lives!

These are just a few of the ways we get our kids to stand up for our planet.  I hope they inspire you to raise your own little Planet Protectors!

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