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I want my kids to look this cute every day.  Seriously, I am in love with Tea Collection and I think you will be too!  With gorgeous patterns based on cultures from around the world, fabrics so soft your kids won’t ever be complaining, practical mix and match pieces that let your kids create outfits that actually look good and a commitment to helping us raise our own Little Citizens of the world, you can’t go wrong with Tea!

You can win $100 to Tea Collection so you can see and feel why I am loving the clothes from Tea!

Tea Collection

Each Season the folks at Tea travel to some wonderful place and bring back patterns and colors from their travels to design their clothing.  Yes, I would like to work there.  So would my kids.  We chose items from the Modern Mexico collection but this spring Tea is featuring clothing inspired by Bali! The clothes are stunning!

Oh the Colors We Love

What I love about these collections is that they go together no matter what you choose without being too matching.  The color palettes are made to complement each other so Miles can wear one of their T-Shirts and the girls can wear their dresses and still look adorable together for a picture.  Let me just say that the color palettes themselves are stunning.  They are the colors of nature highlighted with gorgeous jewel tones and placed in fantastic patterns.  We want coloring books full of these designs!

Family Pics in Tea

Mix, Match and Save Money with Wardrobe Sets

I love that for between $100 and $150 you can get 5 or 6 great pieces to mix and match.  We always go with the dress sets for the girls and they are so excited when they come in the mail!  I usually order short sleeve or tank dresses for the girls and T-shirt sets for Miles.  I also order a little big so I get the most wear out of the clothes.  In the fall and winter we simply add a long sleeve shirt under the top and leggings on the bottom.  That way we get year round use out of the clothes!

When you can mix and match you get more outfits out of just a few pieces of clothing.  Instead of buying 5 or 6 outfits you buy 5 or 6 pieces and combine them any way your child’s heart desires.  This is also great for travel because you can take less and still have a new look in all those precious photos.

We explored the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine in  our Tea duds and boy did the kids look cute!

Explore in TeaMade to Last

My kids are hard on clothes.  I bet yours are too. They run and jump and climb and dance.  They play in the dirt.  They color.  They paint.  They eat. Basically, they get dirty and scraped and have a ball doing it.  I am very impressed with how well Tea Collection holds up.  The fabrics can be washed over and over and the seams do not pull or rip under duress.  I am confident that I will be able to pass down these clothes even after hundreds of wears and washes.  That say a lot.

Run in TeaMade for Fun

The Tea Collection is perfect for kids going anywhere.  You can dress is up or dress it down and your kids will look fabulous and very cool wherever you go.  There are play clothes and party clothes to choose from, though in my opinion the clothes are so nice that almost anything you get could go anywhere!  We rock out or Tea Collection at school, in the yard, at restaurants, at theme parks, eating snacks, riding bikes…you name it…it works!

Dance in TeaMade for Cool

I have to say again how awesome the patterns are.  For girls, something beautiful is easier to find.  For boys, they want something cool like a Hot Wheels T-Shirt and you want them to feel cool but be a little more hip.  Well, Miles adores the Tea patterns.  They have tons of wild animals and bright colors with really unique patterns.

Go Wild TeaMade for Nature

I can’t repeat enough how fabulous these clothes are for photos, especially outside.  The colors, whether bright or muted, seem taken from nature and bring out all the wonderful tones of our kids and the world we live in. I can’t get enough of taking shots of Violet as she explores her surroundings and my favorite pictures are always in Tea Collection.

Explore World in Tea

If the Clothes Weren’t Enough

We have been having the most fabulous time on the Tea Collection blog, where they have an incredible set of Cultural Activity Printouts based on their collections!  Just today we colored butterflies, jaguars, nesting dolls and monkeys!  Each printable has a little tidbit about the animal or custom for your child to learn as they create!  They have a monthly contest where you can share your child’s artwork and win a little moolah to shop at Tea!  The kids are so excited to submit their art and we have been reading all the great travel stories on the blog as well.  We can’t wait to take them around the world!

Also, right now when you sign up to receive Tea Collection’s email updates you will get 10% off your first order!  It works, believe me I did it!

How You Can Win $100 to Tea Collection

Head on over to visit me on Facebook because that’s where you can win!  It’s easy peasy baby.

Here’s an easy link for entering.

All of my fans are welcome to enter and you will get extra entries for liking Tea Collection on Facebook and for sharing the giveaway with your friends!  How cool is that?  Tea has a great community on Facebook and they share great photos and inspiration.  Mommy Words has lots of great conversations and there will be a lot more great giveaways coming soon!

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift code to purchase Tea Collection clothing for my kids.  These opinions are all my own.  So are the kids in the pics.  That little banner is an affiliate link.

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