Super Strong Sophie

By November 17, 2010My Life

We had our 4 year well today and the DREADED 4 shots.  All her classmates warned her.  They totally screwed me and told her how terrible this visit is.  Thank a bunch you pre-school know it alls.  She was so scared that she did not want to hang out with me for the whole morning and get our nails done and make jewelry.  She cried and wanted to go to school. 

Turns out it was like I said and it was not so bad.  She got all four shots and then asked if she could have two stickers since they stuck two arms. (She gets that from…both of us.) My little, tiny, baby, first born girl is 40 pounds and 40 inches and brave as all get out.

Now she rocks her strength. 

She got her muscles felt and she is strong.  She can take what comes at her.  I’ve got her back, but she can do a lot of things herself now.  As sad as it makes me, I am proud.  So proud.

You go Sophia.  Girls Rock!

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