Should I Be Worried?

By April 15, 2010Parenting

Miles clearly wants to be that bad ass boy no girls are supposed to date.  It seems he is always trying to steal sips of beer when anyone leaves a can or bottle on a table and God help me he has tasted beer.  Some people did not believe me when I told them my toddler would take their bottle if they left it lying around.  Well, he took a big swig before they could get to him.  And he liked it.  He is like a little Homer Simpson now and actually says “mmm…beer”.  I kid you not.  He doesn’t have a million words or anything and that is in his small vocabulary.

We saw it coming though – I posted about it last summer…

Miles Wants Beer 2009

Lately he also looks like he is getting a little high in pictures and I can’t help but laugh.  He just thinks it is funny to put sticks and crayons and pens and anything like that in his mouth.  We grownups are the sickos that laugh because the way he holds these items reminds us of some things I am so not yet prepared to really talk to my kids about.  (If you don’t know my oldest is only 3 so no, we haven’t brought up the subject of marijuana or ciggies yet).   Yes, I am one of the sickos.  I think this is hilarious.

Reason to Worry?

Moms, guard your daughters.  It seems I am raising a very good looking bad influence.  Could it be he already suffers from the middle child syndrome and is rebelling ;)?

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