She’s a Wedding Wrecker

I love my baby girl.  However, she acts more like an out of control mack truck than a gentle lady.

She is freaking crazy.

She is an extraordinary climber and spends most of her time on top of tables or counters or climbing bookcases.  I am terrified she will get hurt and break something.  She just laughs.

Crazy Baby Climber

She doesn’t break.  She breaks my stuff.

Last week I found her on top of the back of our couch, ripping the stands off the back of our photos.  She destroyed the crytal frame that hekd our wedding photo.  I found her and felt a pit in my stomach as I saw the destruction.

Then, she climbed up the china cabinet and a door came open.  She climbed down and must have known what I cared about the most.  She went for the wedding china and thre two of my tea cups on the ground.  They broke.  My heart broke a little too.  I don’t get attached to stuff but I don’t have many fancy things and I love my wedding china.   She didn’t even hug me when I cried.  She was a little scared and when I went to hug her she started laughing.

Broken Wedding China

Today we were hanging out and she pointed to my wedding album.  The kids love to flip through it and are always super careful.  I took out the album to look the pictures with her.  She did not like me turning the pages.  She threw a hysterical fit and ripped the picture on the cover of our album.  Her wild arms clawed at the album and she was satisfied with the ripped picture.

Ripped Wedding Album

Now she is eyeing my wedding rings  and trying to pull them off my fingers.  I don’t know what her dastardly plans for my rings might be, but at this point she can have them over my dead body.  First the rings and then what if she went after Ross?

This little girl has an eye for destruction.  Sophia is hiding her vaulables (read: her lip gloss) and I totally get it. 

Sheesh, she better hope I do not hold a grudge when goes to plan some big fancy wedding.  At least she has a long while to make it up to me.  Hopefully a VERY long time.

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  • Toddlers are pretty destructive! My son poured water onto my beautifully bound recipe book, and proceeded to rip at it little by little, day by day. And the cover has come off. *sob*

    So sorry about your china and wedding album. Time to put everything away eh?
    Alison recently posted… Gratitude #9My Profile

    • Brittany says:

      It is so strange because she literally has to climb to get everything and just freaks out when I say no. She seems too young for time out and I feel like she knows how to unlock things and stuff. But yes, time to lock things away. I have no idea where!

  • Those 3rd babies just have a way of throwing a monkey wrench into things. Just when you start to feel a little cocky like you got things worked out, they come around and turn things upside down sometimes literally.

    good luck adapting your space to fit your little one’s needs 🙂

  • Pipi says:

    It feels like it’s impossible to totally child proof when you have a climber. I’ve walked out of the room to come back to my daughter on top of the fridge, a 5 ft tall cabinet, if it’s climbable, she’s doing it. I’m very A.R. when it comes to things being in good condition. It drives me crazy to find that my daughter has ripped half the cover off a book, broken something important of mine, things like this. It just makes me want to cry. Time out doesn’t work at that age. Redirecting works, but gets old. I keep with it, but somedays I just want to give up.
    Can you give her some construction paper and an empty container. Tell her this is hers to rip. Let her put pieces of paper in and out of container? The ripping helps in the eventual writing process and perhaps this will help a bit with some of the stress?
    I’m writing a novel here. I want my pretty candles and things back out where they belong instead of in a tub in the garage. I can’t wait for the day this is possible, but sometimes get discouraged that it will never come.

  • liz says:

    Wow, she’s a toddler on a mission! It’s always the youngest that’s the troublemaker, isn’t it?
    liz recently posted… Why “Potty Training” is a MisnomerMy Profile

  • blueviolet says:

    omg, she’s a true stinker! Put everything of value behind lock and key!
    blueviolet recently posted… Edy’s Fruit Bars – Communities Take Root (Vote and Receive Up to 2 Coupons!)My Profile

  • Alissa says:

    Oh my gosh, how heartbreaking! Love that you are drawing the limits at letting her get ahold of your rings. The stories you will have to tell her husband. 🙂
    Alissa recently posted… Twitter for NewbiesMy Profile

  • Bryna says:

    I worry about my little one as well. She likes to laugh at me when I tell her “no”. And then tries the very same thing again… Stinker! What are you to do with little ones?

    On a complete side note – Was Sophie in a music video? There’s a little girl in this video that looks an awful lot like a younger version of her…

  • angela says:

    Talk about ammunition 🙂 If she ever gets a little bridezilla on you (in 30 years, LOL), you can simply pull out your ripped album and explain that obviously wedding photography shouldn’t get a large chunk of her budget 😉
    angela recently posted… Slow DownMy Profile

  • I’m convinced my 3 YO can bounce – and yours reminds me a lot like her when she was that age – what an impy little smile!
    Missy recently posted… Do Fathers Have Unconditional Love?My Profile

  • Samantha says:

    Please know I’m being light-hearted when I say… Maybe the little dear is teaching us not to be so attached to our earthly possessions. 🙂 P.S. Love the picture of her on the table!
    Samantha recently posted… Crazy is as crazy does…My Profile

  • Candi says:

    Too funny! My 3rd child was the exact same way. Sign her up for toddle tumble class as soon as you can. I bet she will be a great gymnastic someday. 🙂
    Candi recently posted… Kings Island tripMy Profile

  • Emily says:

    We went through that a couple years ago…ay, ay, ay-ay.
    Emily recently posted… Getting Rid of Squash Vine BorersMy Profile

  • Shahar Deutsch says:

    Children are fun – don’t they? 🙂

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