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As parents, we make a lot of decisions. In my house, I decide a lot of things for the family. While the kids are small, this sort of works, but it is a challenge to find the time to review our rules and plans for our little group. I mean, maybe I am not always right.  Kids are little people that have their own opinions and sometimes they are right and the rules must change. I find that I am making a lot of choices without the input of my family and many times I am making a choice as a reaction to an immediate situation in the heat of the moment instead of in a rational and measured way. In everything from what outfits are appropriate to how many hours we spend with friends to what we buy at the store to what bedtime is, it helps for everyone to understand where the rules are coming from.  Families are fluid, and it is hard to find the time to change the structure a little to fit our changing needs.  I would rather have a discussion than a temper fit in a store.  Wouldn’t you?

How can a family find time to build their family structure and rules together? How can this time be successful and give everyone a sense that they are an important part of the family?  This is my family decision time challenge.

Stay tuned next month to read my Genius Tip on how I beat this challenge!  It’s a good one!

Share your big family decision challenge with us below. Do you have control of how family rules are made and changed? Do your kids have any input? Share your challenge!

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