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I got an email from Wild Dunes Resort in South Carolina on Thursday offering a deluxe room at the Boardwalk Inn for $79.  I checked the weather and saw that we would have one day of sun.  This is all I needed to hear baby.  It has been NASTY here.  I called and booked our tushies a room for one night of fun at the beach.

For those of you who do not know me yet – yes we have kids and yes – we will travel and we love short trips as much as long ones.  Sometimes a day or two with little kids is perfect.   The beach is a 3 hour drive for us and it is alwasy worth it.

I want to take my babies to wonderful places even if it is a little painful to get there with the little ones.  In truth – I want to be that family that goes around the world with my kids.  But with a 5 week old, the beach was enough.

We had one day of sun and one day of rain and we packed in a ton of fun and laughs and we got  little wet – in the pool and in the rain.  It was good to get away!

The best part – momma got pictures! 

This is, in fact, the first picture our our entire new family.  It is sad that we have not had anyone take our picture yet.  I tell you it is tough with 3 kids 3 and under to get any pictures.  It is clear why.  Ross is physically holding Miles back and Sophia stopped mid run to take the picture.  Violet doesn’t get that she has to look at the camera.  Oh well, I will cherish it as I am sure family pics will be few and far between!

First Family Picture

I got a couple pictures of my precious Violet – she seemed confused by the bright sun and the wind but she was happy.  Sunshine does us all good!

Violet's First Beach Visit

Miles had a blast in the sand and gosh I just think he is so handsome.

Miles Loves the Sand

I am not sure he is that bright yet – or maybe he was just really hungry.  He kept eating the sand.  Gross!

Boys are Nasty

The beach was sunny but not too warm.  At 65 degrees with wind we ran in and out of the ocean and focused on finding our shells and building with sand.  As I got pictures of all my kids I realized that I have been a mom for more than 3 years and all of my kids have been on this beach in the first few months of their life.  It will always hold a place in my heart. 

A Quick Break from the Sandcastle

Just because the beach was too cold didn’t mean no swimming.  There is a heated pool!  As long as the sun is out my little fish will be in the pool.  They loved it!

Sophie on the Pool Steps

Miles as a Shark!

The best thing about Wild Dunes besides the beach is that it is a mere 30 minutes from Charleston – a place with great food and wonderful history that is packed with things to do. 

We hit the Children’s Museum  of the Lowcountry in the early evening.   We are fast becoming Children’s Museum connoisseurs and this is one of our favorites.  There are so many great rooms but we spent a lot of time this weekend in the water room.   Sophia and Miles played Picasso for nearly an hour while running between their artwork and a giant boat in the next room.

My Little Picassos

Across the street from the museum is 39 Rue de Jean is a fabulous little french cafe in Charleston for lunch.  Turns out it is great for dinner too and they were great with kids.   Even my very tired and quickly becoming crabby kids.  Usually they like it here but we were a little beat.  Thank God the table cloths are covered with paper and brand new Crayolas (and man I love brand new crayons as much as anyone!).   I must admit as good as the food was – the kids had small meltdowns and barely made it.  Life with little ones huh!

This is okay but I'd Love some McNuggets

The next morning we woke up to the rain and chilly temperatures and spent some time consoling Sophia, who had packed 3 spring dresses and was devastated.  How did we console her?  With the news that we were going to eat breakfast in the hotel (she loves breakfast out) and that we were going to the aquarium to see the fishies!  After breakfast, which was free for the kids, and made me very happy, we threw our stuff in the car and headed to the South Carolina Aquarium.  We have never met a building full of fish that we did not like! 

The Ocean Wall - Stunning

Baltimore, New Orleans, Charleston we hit aquariums whenever we can.  We also love Sea World and even the little ponds inside many embassy suites and the fish tank in our doctors office.  Got fish?  We’re there.  And boy do they have fish.  And alligators for Miles – who is obsessed.  And sharks.  And this time – the penguins were visiting!

The real  penguins were great but they also had an exhibit where you could see how tall you were compared to different types of penguins.  As soon as Sophia heard that this guy was 37″ she said its the Ikea penguin and was overjoyed when she was taller than it.  You see, she was rejected from the Ikea play world over the summer and was devastated.  They said she was not 37″ even though her doctor said she was.  So, this little penguin showed her that she can now play away while mommy shops.  Good news for all!

The Ikea Penguin

Miles spent a lot of time saying “huh?” when he kept seeing open tanks and we kept telling him he could not put his hands in. He was not so hot on this as he loves at good animal love bite. He has thusfar been nibbled by a horse and a goat, licked by a cow and a camel’s teeth rubbed him on a hayride. What’s a little fish nibble? This boy loves all wildlife and wants to touch it badly!

Why is it open if you can't put your hands in?

We spent the morning at the aquarium seeing the fish and playing in their children’s areas.  They have a fishing boat with a phone – for the little girls like Sophia who are already obsessed with phones.  She was happy talking to her friends on the boats radio and telling them about her trip.

"Look Mom I found a Phone!"

Miles loved the Camp Carolina play area because they had a bouncy bridge over real water and snakes under the floor.  Yep – snakes.  He was in heaven.

Miles Watching the Snakes

When I said it was time to go.  Miles told me no.  And gave me a look that could kill.

Miles Does Not Want to Leave

We did leave, after a great 24 hours in South Carolina.  We packed back in the car, stopped at a Cracker Barrel, stuffed ourselves, bought some candy and got on the road.  My little ones slept until the last 30 minutes and then watched a movie quietly in the car.  A perfect drive with little kids. 

We may not have had perfect weather but we had a perfectly wonderful time.

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